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Fact: One in four businesspeople worldwide say their companies' leaders consider gender parity a priority issue and one in five believe their company has committed adequate resources to such initiatives, according to a survey from Bain & Company.

Quote: "We now have so many key positions that are filled by women that I no longer think of it as diversity. It's become a part of what we are as a company, which is satisfying." - Jeffrey Joerres, Chairman, CEO and President, Manpower Inc., quoted in a new report on women executives and directors from ION
Trend: Norway, Spain, the Netherlands and France have passed laws mandating that up to 40% of company directors are women, as Time magazine reports

Give Better Feedback
Two-thirds of employees say they receive too littlepositive feedback, and half of them say they don't get any constructive feedback, according to a Leadership IQ survey.
There's more: 53% of employees say that when their boss praises them, they don't get enough useful feedback to help them repeat what they're doing right; 65% say that criticism from the boss does not help them correct the issue.
What if the boss is the one who needs feedback? Keep reading for tips.
Give upward feedback
Giving your boss feedback - is a "tricky process to master," acknowledges Amy Gallo on the Harvard Business Review blog. Here are a few takeaways:
  • Introduce the idea of offering feedback as: "Would it be helpful to you for me to give you feedback at certain points in this project?" 
  • Frame feedback as perceptions. Share thoughts that are reflective of what you can see; avoid presumptions. 
  • See it from your boss' point of view. Point out specific ways that specific behaviors could be inhibiting him or her from achieving goals.
  • If in doubt, look for opportunities to give anonymous feedback, such as a 360-degree feedback process.
Give colleague feedback
Gallo also includes some general rules of feedback that can apply to anyone:
  • Be honest and use data.
  • Start with positive feedback and include suggestions for improvement with the constructive feedback.
  • Avoid accusations.
  • Use details to back up your points.
Ask for feedback
  • Identify your go-to colleagues, both within your organization and outside of it. Agree to be honest when evaluating each other's work and ask him or her for feedback regularly.
  • After a project or presentation, ask others the question, "How can I do better?" or more specifically, "What one thing would've made this more effective?"
  • Request a formal 360-degree feedback process to get anonymous assessments from peers and customers.
What strategies have been most useful for you to give - and get - better feedback?
Please share your tips at
To Do Before Vacations
Memorial Day is less than a month away, and that means summer vacations for many. For getaways of a week or longer, give co-workers and clients four weeks' notice, advises Christine Hohlbaum, author of The Power of Slow: 101 Ways to Save Time in a 24/7 World.
She also says that when you set your email auto-reply, you should say you're going to be back in the office one day later than you'll actually return - giving you time to catch up on routine tasks during that first day back. Read more tips.
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