"I thoroughly enjoyed the conference. You are
certainly a dynamic speaker. It was GREAT!"

              Saundra Quick, Mechanics & Farmers Bank
                        Executive Assistant to the President

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Regina Barr
Founder / Women at the Top®


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  • Winter 2016 (Gain the Professional Edge: Presence Matters)
  • November/December 2015 (25 Ways to Motivate Employees (and Volunteers!) without Breaking the Bank)
  • September/October 2015 (When a Career Opportunity Knocks, Should You Fling the Door Open or Slam It Shut?)
  • May/June 2015 (To Be Heard You May Have to Stand Tall in the Line of Fire)
  • March/April 2015 (Help Yourself Get to the Top with These Three Questions) 
  • January/February 2015 (20 Career Tips to Make 2015 Your Most Successful Year Ever!)
  • December 2014 (Celebrating a Season of Abundance!)
  • November 2014 (When Opportunity Knocks… Fling the Door Open Wide!)
  • October 2014 (Helping Each Other Ascend the Corporate Ladder, Isn’t it Time?)
  • September 2014 (If You Want to Be Heard, Be Brief!)
  • June 2014 (What do You Think? Thank You for Asking!)
  • May 2014 (Want More Career Success? Stop Working so Hard)
  • April 2014 (Make Your Next Career Move Using These Proven Strategies!)
  • March 2014 (Use the “Hustle” Factor to Get More Done without Losing Your Sanity!)
  • February 2014 (Want to Experience More Happiness and Less Stress? Then Just Say NO!) 
  • December 2013 (Leadership Lessons We Can Learn from Holiday Classics!) 
  • October 2013 (Influence Strategies: What Smart Women Need to Know!) 
  • September 2013 (You Don’t Have to Swim with Sharks to be Successful!)
  • June 2013 (If You Could Share One Message with EVERY Woman in Business, What Would It Be?)
  • May 2013 (What’s the Key to Career Success? Planning!)
  • April 2013 (Getting Paid What You're Worth: What's in Your Wallet?)
  • March 2013 (Why We Should Support Other Women Even When We Don’t Agree With Them)
  • February 2013 (Why it's Okay to Play to Win and Other Lessons I Learned Playing Monopoly with my Nephew)
  • January 2013 (Is Dancing Holding Women Back from the C-Suite?)
  • December 2012 (How to Put the "Happy" Back into Your Holidays!)
  • November 2012 (Negotiation in Business - How to Get More of What you Want!)
  • October 2012 (The Love/Hate Relationship of Women Working with Women)
  • September 2012 (Leadership:  What's Salary Got to Do With It?)
  • June 2012  (Be in Demand: How to Groom Yourself for the Next Wave of Leadership Opportunities)
  • May 2012 (Ten Secrets of Success I Learned from a State Supreme Court Justice)
  • April 2012 (Do You Have the Secret Ingredient for Superior Performance?)
  • March 2012 (Why Image Matters More Than Ever, Espcially for Women)
  • February 2012 (Five Tips to Navigate Through ANY Challenging Situation and Come Out Ahead!)
  • January 2012 (My Top 10 Wish List for You in 2012!)
  • December 2011 (Want to Fast-Forward Your Career? Then Don't Ask. Do.)
  • November 2011 (Three Ways to Overcome Career Myths and Keep Your Career on Track!)
  • October 2011 (Fast Forward Your Career by Building Social Captial)
  • September 2011 (How to Combat Hidden Bias if Your Goal is the Top Job)
  • June 2011 (Are You Just Busy or Busy Getting Results? Make Sure You're Doing the Right Things!)
  • May 2011 (The Power of Words:  Are YOURS Holding You Back?)
  • April 2011 (Is Brown-Bagging Your Lunch Costing You a Promotion?)
  • March 2011 (Four Ways to "Own" Your Power)
  • February 2011 (How to Find a Sponsor to Help Skyrocket Your Career)
  • January 2011 (Polish Your Executive Presence)
  • December 2010 (Leadership Lessons from Women in the Boardroom)
  • November 2010 (Invest In Your Professional Development)
  • October, 2010 (Career Demands Result in Sleep Deficits)
  • September,2010 (Manners at Work/Your Voicemail)
  • June, 2010 (How to Stay Cool When You Get "Irked" at Work/Summer Reading List)
  • May, 2010 (Give/Get Feedback; Prepare for Vacation/ Out of Office)
  • April, 2010 (Asking for Promotions/Pay Raise; Pay Equity)

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