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Regina Barr
Founder / Women at the Top®


June 21, 2017 @12 noon CDT - Author Interview - Sheila Webb Pierson (FR*EE)            Coveralls & Tell-Alls:  Everything You Need to Know About Leadership I Learned on the Farm                                                                                                                  

Join us for this 30-minute informational interview we discuss how the best model and principles for being an influential leader in the corporate world she learned by watching her father on their family farm. (Learn More)

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WATT® Study

You have taken the first step in starting or continuing your leadership journey simply by taking the time to learn more about the Women at the Top® Network. You are part of a very special group of women that have decided to stand tall and take charge of their careers.

It’s a well known fact that women remain a minority in the board room despite decades spent trying to shatter the glass-ceiling.

U.S. Women in Business*:
Fortune 500 CEOs 3.0%
Fortune 500 top earners: 6.2%
Fortune 500 board seats: 15.2%
Fortune 500 corporate officers: 15.75%

*Source: Catalyst, a non-profit organization focused on expanding opportunities for women and business


By now you’re probably wondering what exactly is the Women at the Top® Network? Well, it’s a new community of women who share the Women at the Top® vision and mission.

Women at the Top® (WATT®)
wants to shatter the glass ceiling by developing women leaders so that there is a woman in every board room. Period. (Although the studies show that three is really the charm for making change, you do have to start somewhere.)

WATT®’s mission is to empower women to lead. We will do this by creating and facilitating opportunities for women to have voice, influence and power at all levels in Corporate America. How? By conducting research, providing education, and developing resources and tools that empower women.

For more information, click here for an overview sheet on the WATT® Network.

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A Deloitte Consulting LLP study identifies critical success factors for women leaders:

  • Having confidence to lead
  • Taking risks
  • Building relationships that matter
  • Access to experts and role models

Not everyone is lucky enough to have the inherent confidence and risk taking ability that strong leaders exhibit, and that’s okay. Smart leaders know where to go to develop that confidence and learn how to take smart, calculated risks. Being part of the WATT® Network can help you develop these success factors and more.

Further, women’s organizations have been splintered (or worse, dissolved) as the economy has imploded leaving many women without access to a quality network of peers from which to build strong relationships. The WATT® Network has been designed with this in mind.

Finally, women need access to experts and role models in a convenient, woman-friendly format. As program director for the WATT® Network, I bring over 20 years of corporate leadership experience and over 10 years of experience in working with corporate leaders to deliver quality leadership training and coaching in-person, via teleseminar and in webinar formats. That combined with my vast network of successful leaders, authors and trainers, I feel confident that you will have access to the information and tools you need to succeed. But that's only the beginning. In addition, you will have access to the vast experience of all the WATT® members.

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“Having more women at the top improves financial performance.”*

Then, why is it that a woman’s salary continues to lag that of her male counterpart, paying only 77cents on the dollar?

*Source: Ernst & Young report, Groundbreakers: Using the strength of women to rebuild the world economy.

Okay. I think you get the big picture. Now you’re probably asking, so if I join the Women at the Top® Network, what’s in it for me? Great question. Thanks for asking!

WATT® Network Benefits
As part of the WATT® community you will receive the following:

  • Information: keep informed of what’s happening with women at the top through access to the latest research, articles and an exclusive members-only, monthly WATT® Report. In addition, access leadership tool kits to help you be more effective as you climb the ladder (i.e strategic planning, presenting, hiring, firing, running meetings, project management and much more!)
  • Training: obtain access to experts through podcasts, live teleseminars, webinars and other training events. Join our monthly book club and have direct access to authors. Send in your questions to Ask The Expert about what’s on your mind and receive practical, relevant answers from real experts. Plus take part in free monthly open coaching sessions (first come, first served basis).
  • Connections: stay in touch with other like-minded women, mentors and role models through our virtual programs and events.

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Plus, receive 30 minute complimentary coaching consultation - valued at $149 (expiration 30 days from join date) AND receive 20% member VIP discount on all products/services/programs!
(note: 20% member VIP discount cannot be combined with other special offers)

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For more information please see our Frequently Asked Questions.

“As leaders, women rule”…“so can we afford to ignore half (or, to be precise, slightly more than half) of our store of potential Great Talent?”

Tom Peters, Management Guru; Author, Re-imagine! Business Excellence in a Disruptive Age

Now more than ever, organizations need women to lead. Join me and let’s climb the ladder together!

Regina Barr
Founder & CEO, Red Ladder, Inc.
Founder, Women at the Top® Network

P.S. Please contact us with any questions - at .
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Regina Barr is a former marketing executive, Founder and CEO of Red Ladder, Inc., and Founder of the Women at the Top® Network. Regina’s a nationally recognized authority on women and leadership, with over two decades of corporate leadership experience. For the past 10 years, Regina has traveled the United States extensively, educating and inspiring women to dream big, to take action and to “make things happen.”

Regina’s been involved with the annual Women at the Top® Study for seven out of the past 13 years, as an author or spokesperson. In addition, she’s the author and spokesperson for the Leadership Gap Study which was published in 2007. In December 2009, Regina founded the Women at the Top® Network to inspire women to scale the barriers – whether internal or external – that prevent them from achieving the career success they deserve.

Regina’s a regular contributor for TFW magazine, and her Women at the Top® column is read in more than six countries. In addition, her work appears in several other magazines and she is frequently quoted in local and national media. Regina is the proud recipient of the 2010 Finance & Commerce Top Women in Finance Circle of Excellence Award.


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