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Getting What You're Worth: Determining Rates

Do you have a small business? Are you getting paid what you're worth?

As a business owner it's up to you to determine what your time is worth. Whether you're just starting out or have years of experience in your field, these worksheets help you to determine what rate to charge your clients so you can pay yourself what you're worth.


  1. There are three worksheets below. The first step is to fill out the information in the table below (Calculating What You Require to Run Your Business).
  2. Next, click on the link "Actual Billable Days", and fill in the information.
  3. Next, click on the link "Calculating Your Fee" and you'll see the results! The Daily Fee is the total dollar amount required by day. The Hourly Fee is the hourly rate you'll need to charge in order to get paid what you're worth.

|Calculating What You Require|Billable Days|Calculating Your Fee|

Calculate What You Require to Run Your Business 
Your Salary for One Year      
Profit for the Year      
Your Benefits        
Health insurance      
Life insurance      
Disability insurance (short-term, long-term)       
    Total Benefits  
Social Security and Medicare      
State income tax      
City tax      
Personal property tax      
    Total Taxes  
Business Expenses        
Administrative/ clerical support      
Advertising and marketing      
Automobile expenses      
Business Library (books and resources)      
Computer expense (hardware, software)      
Dues and subscriptions      
Equipment leases      
Interest and loan repayments      
Liability insurance      
Lodging (non-billable)      
Materials (non-billable)      
Office supplies      
Professional development      
Repairs and maintenance      
Travel (non-billable)      
    Total Business Expenses  
    Total Required  


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