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Red Ladder Women’s Topics

Gender diversity continues to be an important issue for many financial services organizations. Red Ladder has a variety of topics geared towards helping women leaders to develop their full potential. For custom seminars or workshops, contact us at .

Breaking Barriers: Climbing the Corporate Ladder™
As a woman in banking or financial services, have you ever wondered why there aren’t more women ensconced in the executive suite? Since over seventy-five percent of the 1.4 million people working in commercial banking today are women, you should. With over a dozen years of banking experience and numerous interviews with executive women in banking, Regina Barr will share insights on the key barriers that impact a woman’s ability to climb the proverbial ladder of success as well as the strategies for overcoming them. Participants will utilize this information to develop an action plan for creating their own pathway to success in the corporate realm.

Female Perspectives in Leadership™
Participants will learn about women's ways of leading and examine the critical areas where women make all the difference. Through case studies, participants learn how to break down barriers so that they may embrace their own personal leadership style and why vision and voice will be critical for leadership success in the new economy!

Getting What You’re Worth™
Getting What You’re Worth incorporates real-life stories, plenty of practice and provides tools that you will be able to use when you face that next "big" negotiation over a raise, recognition, or a new job. This workshop lays out a step-by-step program that will help you to first put a realistic price tag on what you bring to the table and then to develop a strategy for realizing that value. What you will gain from Getting What You’re Worth is not a one-off proposition for that single "big" negotiation, but lessons that will show you how to negotiate the conditions of your future success along with the resources and support you will need to turn in a top-notch performance. With these conditions in place, you set the stage for future negotiations and are positioned to get what you are worth.

Note: Getting What You’re Worth is a program of Negotiating Women, LLC. Regina Barr is qualified to lead this program through her affiliation with Negotiating Women, LLC.

Her Place at the Table™
Too many women work hard, deliver the results and expect a tiara to fall on their heads. It just doesn’t happen that way – women have to negotiate for the conditions to create career success.  This dynamic, interactive and fun workshop provides participants with the tools they need to:
  • Understand the special tests that the workplace reserves just for women – and how to pass them with flying colors.
  • Avoid the traps that can stall your career.
  • Interact more effectively with your boss to get the support you need.
  • Negotiate for the resources you need to get the job done.
  • Influence colleagues and team members to attain business objectives.
With this program, participants will have an opportunity to put the skills learned in the program into practice through interactive case studies and role plays in a safe environment. By attending this program, participants can expect:
  • To assess what they’ve been doing that is working – and to consider what isn’t.
  • To get feedback and suggestions about how to handle specific challenges they are facing at work.
  • To feel more confident and competent to create conditions for their own career success.

Note: Her Place at the Table is a program of Negotiating Women, LLC. Regina Barr is qualified to lead this program through her affiliation with Negotiating Women, LLC .

Negotiating Successfully, What Women Need to Know™
Almost every interaction we have involves some form of negotiation whether it’s who will take out the trash to what raise you are going to receive to the price you will pay on your next new car. Participants will learn how to create opportunities for mutual gains that enhance relationships, identify ways in which we get in our own way, and learn strategies for getting out of our own way. Through self-analysis, case studies and discussions, participants will learn the basics of negotiating.

The Reflective Leadership Series™
The Reflective Leadership Series for Women™ is a 12-month leadership program designed to help companies develop, retain and motivate the next generation of leaders within their organizations. The program is designed specifically to help high potential women identify their authentic leadership style with a focus on developing core skills for ongoing success in the work environment. This program combines formal assessments, self evaluation, personal reflection, peer feedback, experiential exercises, case studies and business applications with the goal of providing participants with experience they can put to work today. Participants will leave the program more knowledgeable about their own leadership style and the impact this has on the organization for which they work.

Self-Mentor Yourself to Success™
Whether you're a business owner or on the fast-track in a corporation, mentors play a critical role. Sometimes your best mentor is YOU! Participants will learn the eight axioms for advancement plus the success strategies used by other women in their quest for success. Participants will leave with an action plan for self-mentoring their own success.

The Art of Self Promotion – How to Toot Your Own Horn Without Getting Run Over™
As a woman, have you wondered why others get promoted and you don’t? Have you ever felt that you lack credibility or are not taken seriously? Learning how to toot your own horn is critical for long-term success. Participants will learn to discover what is worth promoting about you and why it is important, how to overcome the invisibility trap, and how to craft a strategy for visibility. Through practical examples and worksheets, participants will develop an action plan for "tooting their own horn without getting run over."

Overview of Clients and Programs Delivered

American Express
The Tests of Leadership, Minneapolis, MN

Deloitte Consulting, LLP
Your Professional ROI, Minneapolis, MN.

Illinois Bankers Association
Leading When You're Not the Boss, Oak Brook, IL

Minnesota Department of Revenue
Generations in the Workplace, Minneapolis, MN

North Carolina Banker's Association
Breaking Barriers: Climbing the Corporate Ladder, Greensboro, NC

Power of I Conference
Inflate Your Success, Bloomington, MN

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