"I thoroughly enjoyed the conference. You are
certainly a dynamic speaker. It was GREAT!"

              Saundra Quick, Mechanics & Farmers Bank
                        Executive Assistant to the President

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Red Ladder Management Topics

Expect the Unexpected: How to Think on Your Feet Without Getting Knocked Over
Success in business is equal parts inspiration, perspiration, and improvisation. Participants will learn simple improvisation techniques that will help them be more agile, creative and confident in successfully handling the unexpected -- no matter what the business situation. This is an interactive presentation and participants are encouraged to bring both their sense of adventure and their sense of humor.

Goal Setting for Success™
Participants will learn the keys to successfully establishing and completing goals using the SMART method. Through case studies and small group interaction, participants will practice the SMART methodology. Participants will leave with an action plan for achieving several of their own SMART goals.

Parachute Over Your Obstacles: How to Build and Leverage Relationships at Work
This program uses the parachute as a metaphor to help improve team effectiveness by:
  • Fostering openness and trust
  • Provide a neutral and affirming language with which to discuss and leverage differences
  • Underscore the value of diversity
  • Teach team members to value and work with the strengths of others
  • Help increase productivity by aligning an individual’s preferences to particular team tasks
  • Identifying team assets and blind spots
Participants complete the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI)* and receive the booklet, Introduction to Type and Teams, by Elizabeth Hirsh, Katherine W. Hirsh, and Sandra Krebs Hirsh. Participants leave this program with a framework in which team members can better understand and manage: communication, team culture, leadership, change, problem solving/ conflict resolution, and stress. They will also leave with an understanding about how they can parachute over any obstacles that arise by leveraging relationships and teamwork.

* Myers-Briggs Type Indicator is a registered trademark of CPP, Inc.

Time Management for the Time Pressed™
Participants will learn about the psychology of time management, the value of time mapping and the four steps to time management basics. Plus, participants will learn tips on how to improve time management through planning, overcoming procrastination, meeting preparation, managing paperwork, soliciting team support, effective use of email, handling interruptions and more! Participants will be given time to develop their own plan of action and strategies to take back to the office.

Thriving in 24/7™
Participants gain a better understanding of the forces that are changing the ways in which we all work, and they will develop skills that enable them to align their particular talents and interests with the unique opportunities they face. Using interactive exercises to practice and internalize these tactics, participants will start at the core to gain a deeper understanding of their values and history; create their own work and find the intersection of their talents with the needs of their organization; identify their brand to make their strengths, talents, and value known; and build a strong web of inclusion and create meaningful and insightful relationships that go beyond the notion of networking.

Note: Thriving in 24/7 is a program of Financial Women International. Regina Barr is qualified to lead this program through her affiliation and training with Financial Women International.

Your Professional ROI™

Want to give your company an edge over the competition? Then consider this program which focuses on all forms of etiquette - from dining, entertaining clients, meeting, office, travel - and provides your employees with essential skills for business success. When business professionals know how to handle themselves well in many different situations, clients notice and respond. Often clients feel that this will represent how your employees will handle their business or account.

This program will provide participants with an overview of business manners, provides guidelines and outlines appropriate behaviors for how to act in many business circumstances from meeting etiquette to dining etiquette. Participants will leave this program with the practical skills and confidence to handle themselves in almost any business situation.

Professionalism is for Everyone™
Five Keys to Being a True Professional

This program inspires excellence, high values, and professional behavior. This program helps organizations teach and communicate the standards and foundation principles for what it means to be a professional, and how to behave and act professionally.

Participants will learn a simple and easy to remember framework of positive values, principles, and standards for guiding professional behavior. They leave the seminar motivated to act and with an understanding of what it takes to be a professional and what they can and should do to pursue and polish their personal professionalism. The program covers the core concepts for each of the Five Keys to Being a True Professional in the book Professionalism Is for Everyone. These keys are Character, Attitude, Excellence, Competency, and Conduct. Topics covered include Integrity, Pride, Respect, Loyalty, Appearance, Being on Time, Being Diligent, Being Accountable and Responsible, Manners, Confidentiality, Teamwork, and more. The program uses a variety of learning approaches including presentations, cases, examples, stories, learning exercises, and group discussion. Role plays and skits are included in full-day programs.

This experiential program is available in 1, 4 and 8 hour segments.

Note: Professionalism Is for Everyone is a program of The Goals Institute. Regina Barr is qualified to lead this program through her affiliation with The Goals Institute.

Overview of Clients and Programs Delivered

American Express
The Tests of Leadership, Minneapolis, MN

Deloitte Consulting, LLP
Your Professional ROI, Minneapolis, MN.

Illinois Bankers Association
Leading When You're Not the Boss, Oak Brook, IL

Minnesota Department of Revenue
Generations in the Workplace, Minneapolis, MN

North Carolina Banker's Association
Breaking Barriers: Climbing the Corporate Ladder, Greensboro, NC

Power of I Conference
Inflate Your Success, Bloomington, MN

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