December 20, 2010

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   Volume 7, Issue 12   Deceber 2010   ISSN 1556-3820

"Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night."

– Santa Claus in the poem, Twas the Night Before Christmas by Clement Clarke Moore

Note From Regina 


It’s definitely looking a lot like Christmas here in MN! Last weekend we received almost two feet of snow along with wind chills below zero. Brrr!! My husband and I were stranded in Milbank, SD, after attending his dad’s funeral due to road closings. Being surrounded by family and friends (who were also stranded) made the time go more quickly and much easier to bear.

As you are winding down the year, I hope that you take some time this month to focus on what you have to be grateful for and the wonderful gifts that you already have in your life. If you need some inspiration then be sure to read my feature article, Three Gifts I Wish for You This Holiday Season. I pulled this one from the archives because I think the message is timely and appropriate.

Best wishes to all of you for a truly happy Christmas and New Year!

Until next month! 

Regina Barr

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   Feature Article

Three Gifts I Wish for You This Holidy Season

This past month I had the opportunity to watch the movie, The Ultimate Gift, starring James Garner and Oscar-nominated Abigail Breslin. I enjoyed it so much that I decided to read the book written by Jim Stovall

The story is about a young man (Jason Stevens) and the year-long journey he must undertake in order to earn an inheritance left to him by his great uncle. Jason ‘earns’ his inheritance through a series of ‘gifts’ or challenges that his uncle leaves to him. Through the process Jason evolves from a belligerent, spoiled young man to the kind of person that we can all strive to be, with or without an inheritance.

There are twelve gifts in the book. Here are three gifts that I wish for all of you this holiday season.

  1. The gift of work. During these challenging economic times there are many hard-working individuals that have lost their jobs, taken a cut in pay or had their hours reduced. If you are gainfully employed, focus on all the great things that your job provides for you and your family. At a minimum this includes your income and likely includes many other perks like health insurance, a 401k and other types of employee benefits.
  2. The gift of gratitude. Often when times are flush with funds and opportunity we focus our energy on those things that we want rather than taking time to appreciate what we already have. This year many companies have had to eliminate holiday parties, year-end bonuses and other perks that many of us have come to expect. Instead of focusing on what is missing, focus on what you have to be grateful for: good health, a loving family or a warm home.
  3. The gift of laughter. When times are tough you can do one of two things – laugh or cry. There is obviously a time and place for both but whenever possible choose laughter. Why? Because studies have shown that people who laugh have increased hormones that alleviate depression, enhance immunity, and reduce stress. Plus, it’s contagious, so laugh and feel free to spread it around!

I hope that you will take the time to appreciate the gifts you have in your life. If you do, you may just find that your cup is already running over.

Regina Barr is a nationally recognized authority on women and leadership. Her mission is to educate and empower women to stand tall and take charge of their careers by inspiring them to dream big, take action and make it happen. Regina is an executive coach, professional speaker, trainer, writer and media commentator with master’s degrees in business administration and human development. For more information, call 651-453-1007 or visit www.redladder.com, www.theWATTnetwork.com.

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