I can't believe it's the end of July. Summer is flying by! Speaking of flying, I'm getting ready to step onto a plane for a trip to New York. No, I won't be jet-setting around Manhattan although I would love to. This trip will be dedicated to seeing my family as my mom and three brothers still live in New York which is where I grew up. My personal goals? Spend quality time with my family, hit the beach, and yes, enjoy some New York style pizza! (My mouth is watering already!!)
No Newsletter This Month
There have only been a handful of times when I decided to skip publishing my newsletter. And guess what? This month is one of them! Like many of you, I have more to-do's then I can shake a stick at. Can you relate? So, like I tell my clients, sometimes something's gotta give and this was it. (Can you forgive me?)
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I hope the rest of your July is full of fun and lot's of laughter!
Until next month!