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Volume 5, Issue 3   June 2008   ISSN 1556-3820

"To get others to do what you want them to do, you must see things through their eyes. 

--David J. Schwartz

   Note From Regina


I hope this newsletter finds you happy, healthy and productive! I have been busy successfully wrapping up several client projects this month. How about you? Have you made headway on your second quarter initiatives? If not, why not? For some of you it may be because staff or team members are not delivering on key tasks and this is impacting your momentum. If that's the case then check out this month's article titled, "Inspect What You Expect: Your Key to Achieving Outrageous Results."

Did you know that your relationship with your boss can impact your health and well being? Be sure to take this month’s short poll and let me know what your relationship is like with your boss.

Don’t forget to visit my website, www.redladder.com, where you will find more information about our strategic consulting, project management, executive coaching, speaking and assessment services, as well as other resources, articles, and tools to help you be more successful.

Have a happy and safe 4th of July!

Yours in success,

Regina Barr

   Feature Article

Inspect What You Expect: Your Key to Achieving Outrageous Results  

Your leadership success is the direct result of your ability to motivate and inspire people to get things done --whether they report to you or not. Most of you understand the importance of empowering your team to make decisions. You've probably even gotten comfortable delegating tasks. Now you need to focus on inspecting what you expect. Why? This is the key to ensuring that you and your team achieve your organization's results. 

The challenge here is to check in with those whom you are leading in a way that does not make your staff, team members or colleagues feel like you are micro-managing them. Easier said then done, right?

Follow these simple rules and you'll be well on your way to getting more results without appearing to hover over anyone. 

1. Be clear on the deliverables but flexible on means. I tell clients that structure can be liberating. This means that we work to put together the framework for how we will get the work accomplished. Then within that framework it is up to each of us individually to determine how we will go about completing day-to-day tasks.

2. Determine key milestones and check-ins at the outset. This will help make it clear at the front-end what you consider to be most important. Scheduling check-ins early on will help you stay up-to-date on work in progress and allows you to ask questions and become familiar with the details along the way.

3. Be available for input and support. By making yourself available throughout the project or assignment, you create opportunities to build and grow your relationships. This also helps to show that you are interested in the success of the project and more importantly, the success of that individual.

Certain situations may warrant some level of micro-management -- when an employee is just learning the ropes or when performance has become an issue. In these cases, it always helps to be up-front about the reasons for your closer supervision. While it may not alleviate tension, it does go a long way to helping others understand your focused involvement.

Remember, inspecting what you expect is critical for achieving results. Whether you are moderately successful or outrageously successful will depend on one person: you. What are you waiting for?  

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Regina Barr is a former marketing executive and founder of Red Ladder, Inc. As CEO she helps organizations manage transitions, complete major projects, build strong teams and develop leadership talent. She is an executive coach, professional speaker, trainer, writer and media commentator who holds master’s degrees in business administration and human development. For more information visit redladder.com or redladder.blogs.com.


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May 29, 2008

Regina Barr is the featured executive coach on the newly launched blog, Women At The Top. More information on this site at the news release, Four Coaches, One Forum 

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July 9, 2008, IABC MN Dial Up Your Career, Leading When You're NOT the Boss, TeleSeminar

September 10, 2008, IABC MN Dial Up Your Career Series, Expect the Unexpected: How to Think On Your Feet Without Getting Knocked Over, TeleSeminar

November 12, 2008, IABC MN Dial Up Your Career Series, Inflate Your Success, TeleSeminar

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