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Volume 5, Issue 1   April 2008   ISSN 1556-3820

"In the past the leader was the boss. Today's leaders must be partners with their people…they no longer can lead solely based on positional power.”

--Ken Blanchard, Business Author, Speaker and Consultant

   Note From Regina

Greetings! It has been several months since my last newsletter and I'm delighted to be back. The past few months have been a very busy and rewarding time for me both personally and professionally.  In fact, my company, Red Ladder, celebrates five years in business this month!  

Can you believe that first quarter is already over? If you are like most of my clients it flew by as you grapple with a slowing economy and the issue of attracting, developing and retaining your key talent in a tightening labor market. What improvement would make the biggest difference in your organization’s ability to retain talent? Be sure to take this month’s short poll and let me know.

Spring is a great time to jump-start your team by re-evaluating your plan and trying out some new strategies. If this sounds good to you then you won't want to miss this month's feature article, Three Strategies to Accelerate Your Team's Success!

Don't forget to visit my website, www.redladder.com, where you will find more information about our strategic consulting, project management, executive coaching, speaking and assessment services, as well as other resources, articles, and tools to help you be more successful.

Yours in success,

Regina Barr

   Feature Article

Three Strategies to Accelerate Your Team's Success  

Many of you know that I am actively involved on several non-profit boards including president of an international professional association, Financial Women International (www.fwi.org). In August 2006, I wrote an article titled Five Key Leadership Lessons I learned from Serving on Non-Profit Boards. The five lessons that were critical to a leader’s success included: have a vision; plan the work, work the plan; get the right people on board; fire poor performers; and make course corrections along the way.

Leaders who choose to adhere to these lessons are already on the fast track to success. However, if you want to accelerate your team’s success, here are three additional lessons that I have learned that are critical to sustained success.

  1. Provide ongoing training. When was the last time that you developed a proactive, coordinated training plan and made a conscious investment in training your staff? If you're like most leaders, you probably approve ad hoc requests for staff members to attend seminars and other training events. However, if you want to ensure that your team learns the skills critical to success within your organization then you need to identify what those skills are, and then provide the training to ensure that your entire staff receives the training best suited to their experience and their role within your organization.
  2. Empower your team to make decisions. In the movie Band of Brothers, there is a scene where the narrator states, "Lieutenant Dike wasn't a bad leader because he made poor decisions. Lieutenant Dike was a bad leader because he didn't make any decisions." This was compounded by the fact that Lieutenant Dike could rarely be found, putting the men in his charge at risk during active combat on the battlefield. Don’t make the same mistake. You can't be available all the time so the key is to empower your team to make decisions. Your job is to be clear on the kinds of decisions they can make without you and to provide the tools they need to make good decisions.
  3. Inspect what you expect. When you delegate tasks you don’t delegate responsibility for the task. This is a common mistake that many leaders make. It is still your job to ensure that the work gets completed on-time and within budget. What does this mean for you?  It means you need to measure progress at key milestones. This will enable you to do two things: ensure that tasks are completed timely as well as to celebrate and reward success along the way.

Invest your resources in these three strategies and watch your team's energy and success soar along with your company's ROI (return on investment). The by-product?  Increased retention rates and higher satisfaction for everyone involved including you and your customers. Remember, start small and build on your successes. What are you waiting for?

Copyright 2008 Regina Barr, Red Ladder, Inc.

Regina Barr is a management consultant, columnist, and speaker. Her consulting firm, Red Ladder, Inc., specializes in helping organizations and their leaders develop their full potential through strategic consulting and project management, executive coaching and training. Regina also helps companies develop strategies to attract, develop and retain high potential leaders.  For more information visit www.redladder.com or www.redladder.blogs.com.


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About Red Ladder

Red Ladder, Inc. provides services for individuals and organizations with a goal of developing people and inspiring success. Regina Barr, Red Ladder’s CEO, holds a BBA, an MBA and an MA in human development. With over nineteen years in the financial services industry, she has a broad range of leadership experience in product, sales, and marketing. In addition, Regina has a special passion for helping companies attract, develop and retain high potential leaders.

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What's New ...

April 2008

Red Ladder, Inc. marks five-year milestone with release of new leadership program. 

January 2008

Regina Barr quoted in in The Tennessee Banker article, Executive Roles Still Out of Reach for Many Women in Banking about the release of Financial Women International Foundation’s 2007 Women at the Top study.

November 1, 2007

Regina Barr featured in Finance and Commerce article, Raising the Barr.

Speaking Schedule ...

May 14, 2008, IABC MN Dial Up Your Career Series, The Art of Self Promotion: How to Toot Your Own Horn Without Getting Run Over, TeleSeminar

May 15, 2008, Minnesota Bankers Association/ Financial Women International, See Jane Lead, Bloomington, MN

June 13, 2008, Financial Women International, See Jane Lead, Tupelo, MS

July 9, 2008, IABC MN Dial Up Your Career, Leading When You're NOT the Boss, TeleSeminar

September 10, 2008, IABC MN Dial Up Your Career Series, Expect the Unexpected: How to Think On Your Feet Without Getting Knocked Over, TeleSeminar

November 12, 2008, IABC MN Dial Up Your Career Series, Inflate Your Success, TeleSeminar

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Resources ...

1.  7 Measures of Success: What Remarkable Associations Do That Others Don't, by Center for Association Leadership.

This book, based on 15 years of data and original, objective research tailored to the association community's needs, contains knowledge that will assist association executives in planning the future of their organizations. 

2.  The New Recruit:  What Your Association Needs to Know About X, Y & Z, by Sarah L. Sladek

The Baby Boomer generation has sustained membership associations for quite some time. As that era nears an end, it's time to start thinking about X, Y, and Z -- the next generation of association executives, board members, and volunteers.

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I listened to Regina Barr present the TeleSeminar on 'Negotiating Successfully: What Good Communicators Need to Know' and found it relevant to my professional work. I was in the middle of a contract negotiation and wanted to make sure that my value was visible. As a result of the program, I had the confidence and the power to make the next move. The program reminded me that I don't have to bargain myself down or be overly humble. The next TeleSeminar is already on my calendar! 

--Julie Evans, Writer, Editor, Public Relations Consultant

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