March 25, 2009

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   Volume 6, Issue 3   March 2009   ISSN 1556-3820

"What made you UNIQUE yesterday, makes you a COMMODITY today, and EXTINCT tomorrow, unless you ADAPT to change." 

--Lee B. Salz, President, Sales Architects

Note From Regina 


Spring is in the air and for me that always brings a renewed sense of optimism. Apparently many of you are feeling the same way. Almost 48% of respondents in last month’s Red Ladder poll indicated that they were ‘pretty happy’ when ‘taken all together and given how things are these days.’

Despite the continued economic turmoil, make this spring a time of renewal and creativity both personally and professionally. Get out and exercise. Resurrect a hobby or activity from your childhood. Take a class or read a book on a subject that interests you. And don’t let money be an obstacle or excuse. There are many low-cost or no-cost options available. All it takes is a little creativity and ingenuity.

On the work front, did you know that March is Employee Spirit month? Read this month’s feature article for 25 Ways to Motivate Employees without Breaking the Bank for ideas on how you can recognize and reward employees. By the way, this article is for anyone that works with people even if you aren’t a manager or supervisor. Hint: that means you

Until next month! 

Regina Barr

P.S. Take this month's short poll and let me know which movie conveys your current outlook. 

   Feature Article

25 Ways to Motivate Employees Without Breaking the Bank

People don’t come to work just for a paycheck. That may be what gets them in the door in the short term, but that’s certainly not what motivates them to stay and perform over the long term. In fact, a study conducted by Watson Wyatt Worldwide indicated that only 15 percent of employees cited expectation of financial reward as a very significant motivation for performance.

How can you motivate employees or colleagues to get the job done? In a recent leadership workshop I conducted, I asked participants to come up with 25 non-monetary or low cost rewards and motivators. Here they are.

  1. Say thank you
  2. Give credit for ideas and work
  3. Public recognition – atta girl/ atta boy
  4. Celebration cake
  5. Written thank you note
  6. Casual day or jean’s day
  7. Recognition in company newsletter
  8. Balloons or banner at desk
  9. Recognition pin
  10. Time-off for volunteer or other activity
  11. Mascot award that gets passed around
  12. Employee of the month parking spot
  13. Five dollar food or coffee gift card
  14. Time off – from a few hours to a full day
  15. Hall of Fame with employee photo
  16. Special plaque or award honoring achievement
  17. Lunch with the department head or CEO
  18. Logo items – shirt, travel mug, other
  19. Flowers or a plant
  20. Gift certificates (movie, dinner, spa)
  21. Coffee, lunch or dessert for a week
  22. Contribution to favorite charity or child’s school
  23. Personal concierge to pick up dry cleaning, wash car, other
  24. Funds to attend a special conference or training event
  25. Special, high profile assignment

The workshop participants actually came up with well over twenty five ideas once they got going because they were so energized with this exercise. No wonder Mary Kay Ash, founder of Mary Kay Cosmetics, once said, “There are two things people want more than sex or money… recognition and praise.” Remember, the latter is well within our control no matter what our role in the company. Who will you recognize or praise today?

Regina Barr is a former corporate marketing executive and founder of Red Ladder, Inc. As CEO she helps organizations manage transitions, complete major projects, build strong teams and develop leadership talent. She is an executive coach, professional speaker, trainer, writer and media commentator who holds master’s degrees in business administration and human development. For more information, visit www.redladder.com or 651-453-1007.

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