February 16, 2010

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   Volume 7, Issue 2   February 2010   ISSN 1556-3820

“As you go along in your road in life, you will, if you aim high enough, also meet resistance… but no matter how tough the opposition may seem, have courage still – and persevere.

– Madeleine Albright, former U.S. Secretary of State

Note From Regina 


Can you believe it is mid-February already? Time flies when you’re having fun. At least that’s what I keep telling myself!

I celebrate my birthday on the 17th but don’t ask me my age because I’ll never tell! I’m celebrating my birthday with an Author Interview with Susan RoAne at 12 noon CST. We’ll be discussing her book Face to Face: How to Reclaim the Personal Touch in a Digital World. It’s free to listen in but you do need to register

We continue to gear up for our 2010 Women at the Top™ Virtual Leadership Development Conference to be held March 22 – March 26 which you can attend for FREE! Join us for 90 minutes at 12 noon CST and hear from five experts each day. We’ll cover five different topics and you have the chance to hear from 25 different experts over five days. Talk about speed learning at it’s best! Learn more by visiting our virtual conference page. Dates don’t work for you? No worries. WATT™ Network members will receive all five days (that’s 7.5 hours) of audio recordings and transcripts – free of charge. Nonmembers can purchase them for a low fee until February 28th. The price goes up on March 1st so hurry and order now if you aren’t a member or can’t listen in on the day of the calls.

The momentum in my office continues as the clock is ticking away with less than six weeks until we officially roll-out the Women at the Top™ Network! Learn more about how you can join now as a Founding Member and receive over $270 in bonuses including the audio recordings and transcript for the virtual leadership development conference.

Are you already familiar with the Women at the Top™ Blog and Study? Keep your eye out for a new look this year as we continue with our re-branding efforts.

Until next month! 

Regina Barr

Web: redladder.com
Linkedin: linkedin.com/in/reginabarr

P.S. What are you up to this year? What issues and challenges are you facing? Send me an email at . I’d love to hear from you even if it is just to say hello!

   Feature Article

Five Tips for How to Think on Your Feet and Become The MacGyver of Your Workplace

Thinking on your feet is a critical skill for any business leader when it comes to solving unexpected issues that arise on the job. This is the number one reason my clients state for hiring me. No matter what obstacles come my way, I always find a way to work things out.

Do you remember the television program MacGyver, from the mid-80s, starring Richard Dean Anderson? Jog your memory by clicking here.

MacGyver was notorious for solving problems by using science and his wits with very minimal resources. And, he came through every time. Wouldn’t it be great to have someone like him on your team? Or, even better, wouldn’t it be great if you had even just a few of the skills that MacGyver exhibited?

Follow these simple steps to learn how to think on your feet and solve problems while doing more with less.

Six Tips For Thinking on Your Feet

  1. Trust yourself and others. Learn to go with your gut and trust your ideas. Take this advice from Improvisational Comedians, “If you feel your feet moving – follow them!”
  2. Develop a “yes, and…” mentality. Don’t negate or deny ideas. Get rid of the “yes, but …” mentality. Accept the information that comes to you and work with it. Note: this is not the same as agreeing, you don’t have to surrender your point of view.
  3. Be in the moment. Remember to listen, watch and concentrate. You have to pay attention! If you are distracted or trying to multitask you may miss something important.
  4. Make ‘actional’ choices. In improvisation, you would go somewhere or do something. This is a way to increase your focus. Select one thing and focus on it.
  5. Work to the top of your intelligence. Challenge yourself to see what you can discover. Try not to create a box that isn’t there.

Thinking on your feet is child’s place. Literally. Next time you are around children watch how they take in new information and move quickly to make changes to what they are doing. They are all mini-experts thinking on their feet.

If you want to be the MacGyer of your workplace, try these tips and remember, be flexible, be open to the possibilities, and be ready to have fun. The next time the universe (or your boss!) drops a challenge in your lap, smile and say, “Bring it on!”

Regina Barr is a former marketing executive. She is the  founder and CEO of Red Ladder, Inc. and founder of the Women at the Top™ Network. As CEO she helps organizations manage transitions, complete major projects, build strong teams and develop leadership talent. She is an executive coach, professional speaker, trainer, writer and media commentator with master’s degrees in business administration and human development. For more information, visit www.redladder.com, www.theWATTnetwork.com, or 651-453-1007.

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02/01/10 Regina Barr’s Women at the Top™ column was featured in the Winter 2010 issue of TFW magazine. Read her article, Consider Unintended Consequences When Making Decision.

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February 17, 2010 (12 noon CST), Women at the Top™ Network, Author Interview Series, The Mingling Maven®, Susan RoAne, author of Face to Face: How to Reclaim the Personal Touch in a Digital World, Teleseminar. Register now.

February 23, 2010 (12 noon CST) Women at the Top™ Network, Informational Call, Teleseminar

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Face to Face: How to Reclaim the Personal Touch in a Digital World: E-mail, texting, BlackBerry, MySpace: more and more, technology dominates our communication. We are often tuning out those around us – to the point of e-mailing the person at the next desk or surreptitiously checking our BlackBerry’s during a meeting. Author Susan RoAne, The Mingling Maven®, offers practical tips to interact and connect with comfort and confidence in shared social space, whether it’s handling office politics, turning small talk into BIG TALk, finding a mentor, or conducting successful business deals over meals.

Devotions for Working Women: A Daily Inspiration to Live a Successful and Balanced Life: As a successful working woman, Marcia Malzahn shares her God-inspired principles for living a balanced and successful life. In Devotions for Working Women, Marcia walks you through these principles in a clear concise format that takes just minutes per day.


"I worked with Regina during a significant career move and, with her guidance, I was able to smoothly transition into a new management position. Regina's focus on encouraging a strategic - rather than reactive - mindset, clear communications, and conscious goal setting, played an important role in my transition."

– Angela Alwin, Communications Manager, Gray Plant Mooty 

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