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Regina Barr, Founder/ Women at the Top® Network

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What is Group Coaching?
Group coaching is the application of coaching principles to a small group of individuals for the purposes of personal and/or professional development, the achievement of goals, deepening self-awareness, and new learning. Our group coaching is a self-directed coaching program that is grounded in an experiential approach, where participants are engaged and in control of their learning and agendas.

How does Group Coaching work?

Our group coaching is done by teleconference, and meet twice a month, for approximately 60 minutes per call depending on the size of the group. Each group generally includes 12-15 participants but no more than 25 participants. At the beginning of the call, the coach will remind people of call protocol and then ask who wants to be coached. Participants outline the background in terms of what is going on as quickly and succinctly as possible, and then identify what their coaching inquiry is.

How do you ensure confidentiality in a Group Coaching format?

No one except the coach will know who is registered for the program or who is on any one specific call. During the call we ask that you use your first name only to help ensure privacy. In addition, we try to screen each participant so that there isn’t more than one person from any particular company in a particular coaching group.

Who can benefit from Group Coaching?

Anyone can benefit from group coaching. The key is to be clear on what your goals are for the group coaching program and then come prepared with your coaching inquiry for each session.

Why is there an application process for Group Coaching? Register Now

We have found that those who are most successful in a group coaching format are clear on what they wish to accomplish at the front end of the group coaching program. Our application process is designed to help ensure that the group coaching format is a good fit for your goals and to help you receive the most benefit from the program. The application process also helps provide some background information for the coach facilitating the program.

Will I receive coaching on every Group Coaching call?

At a minimum you will be coached live on a group coaching call at least one time per month if you choose to be coached. If you have already been coached during a particular month, and we don’t have other coaching candidates, then you may have the opportunity to be coached again. Whether or not you are being coached, you will benefit from the calls as you will learn from the issues and coaching that the other participants receive.

Are there make-up sessions if I miss a Group Coaching call?

There are no make-ups for missed group coaching sessions. Once you are registered for group coaching, you will receive access to the group coaching calls including the call recordings. To receive the most benefit from the group coaching sessions, it’s important for you to attend the live calls so that YOU may receive coaching.

Are there fees associated with the Group Coaching program?

Yes, there are fees associated with the group coaching program. Please contact our office for current fee information including special discounts for 3, 6 or 12 month programs. Note: if you have a Promotional Code or Discount Coupon, you will need to submit that with your application.

Why are you offering Group Coaching instead of One-on-One Coaching?

We offer both group and one-on-one coaching services. Some individuals that could benefit from coaching may find that one-on-one coaching packages are priced out of reach. In addition, some individuals find group coaching is a safe way to try out coaching for the first time. That’s why we’re pleased to offer an affordable, group coaching option. If you prefer a one-on-one coaching format, please contact us at 651-453-1007 or for more information.

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