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“Because I am a woman, I must make unusual efforts to succeed. If I fail, no one will say, ‘She doesn’t have what it takes.’ They will say, ‘Women don’t have what it takes.” ..
.Clare Boothe Luce

Volume 2, Issue 11-- November 2005
ISSN 1556-3820

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Feature Article: Breaking Barriers in Business to Achieve Extraordinary Leadership Success

In June I completed a Masters Program in Human Development. One outcome from that program was a leadership development model designed to help leaders overcome obstacles faced in creating extraordinary leadership success.

The Breaking Barriers Leadership Development Model (BBLD) is based on two simple concepts: 1) you must possess the courage and confidence necessary to lead others and 2) you must possess and exhibit the competence to leader others. Confidence without competence (and vice versa) is like having a peanut butter and jelly sandwich without the bread. The bread is the infrastructure that holds the sandwich together just as your confidence and competence will hold together your leadership framework. Without the bread, all you have is a big mess.

The BBLD Model is comprised of five key principles that require development on many different levels. The model does not replace the need for formal education or other means for developing business or leadership competencies. Rather, the BBLD Model assumes a base level of education and competence and simply focuses on those areas most often overlooked by women and in some cases, men too.

The BBLD Model is comprised of the following principles:

(a) build a successful leadership foundation
(b) create a personal brand
(c) develop competency in negotiation
(d) embrace risk-taking
(e) exhibit business acumen.

Women who commit to personal and professional development that focus on these principles will find that they are able to lay the foundation and obtain the experiences they need to be successful executives. The beauty of the Breaking Barriers Leadership Development Model is that it does not take a prescriptive approach to developing strong women leaders. Instead, it allows women to develop their leadership and executive competencies from a place of true authenticity based on their own personal vision, mission, and values. In my opinion, that’s what leadership is all about.

Regina Barr is a management consultant and speaker with a special passion for helping women achieve leadership success. Regina helps companies develop strategies to attract, develop and retain women leaders. Her consulting firm, Red Ladder, Inc., also helps organizations and their leaders develop their full potential through strategic project management and coaching. For more information visit or

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Conversations With Uncommon Women: Insights From Women Who've Risen Above Life's Challenges to Achieve Extraordinary Success by Ellie Wymard. This book examines the experiences and insights of women who have risen above life’s challenges to achieve extraordinary success. Women who are up against career barriers that are gender-specific will want to read this book.

Cracking the Glass Ceiling: Factors Influencing Women's Attainment of Senior Executive Positions by Carole Kadinger Adair. The "glass ceiling" is a term that symbolizes a variety of barriers that prevent qualified individuals from advancing higher in their organization. This book offers case studies on how major corporations remove glass ceiling barriers.

The White House Project is a national, non-profit organization that aims to advance women’s leadership in all sectors, up to and including the U.S. presidency.

Fast Facts

October Survey Results - Breaking Barriers in Business

67% of respondents AGREED that they understand key business practices and relevant financial information on how their company makes money.

67% of respondents AGREED that they have obtained the business credentials that are relevant to their field.

67% of respondents AGREED that they are recognized by their employer as an intelligent risk-taker.

67% of respondents AGREED that they recognize and embrace new opportunities at work.

67% of respondents AGREED that they are a competent negotiater for the tools that they need to be successful in their career.

100% of respondents AGREED that they regularly negotiate for salary, time off, additional staff/ administrative support, high visibility projects etc.

67% of respondents AGREED that they have a strong personal brand that is recognized within their company and the business community they work in.

67% of respondents AGREED that they have a defined and organized self-promotion strategy.


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What's New

Red Ladder is growing and we are delighted to introduce our newest team member. Please join us in welcoming Lori Grams, Marketing Specialist, to the Red Ladder team!

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January 27, 2006, Deloitte Consulting, LLP, Your Professional ROI, Minneapolis, MN.
February 14, 2006, St. Thomas University, Networking for Success, Minneapolis, MN.
February 24, 2006, Financial Women International Golden West District Conference, Her Place at the Table, Laguna Beach, CA.

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About Regina
Regina Barr, President of Red Ladder, Inc., holds a BBA, an MBA and an MA in human development. With over seventeen years in the financial services industry, Regina has a broad range of leadership experience in product, sales, and marketing. Red Ladder provides people development services for individuals and organizations with a goal of developing people and inspiring success. In addition, Regina has a special passion for helping companies attract, develop and retain women leaders.
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