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Volume 1, Issue 5 -- June 2004

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Feature Article - Self-Promotion

What is it about the combination of the words "self promotion" that makes most women cringe? And why is it that, in particular, women struggle the most in this arena?

Research has shown that there are a number of barriers women must overcome with the concept of self-promotion. Unfortunately, we are socialized as children not to talk about ourselves. And like most children, some of us took this message to heart. The result is that many women not only loathe talking about themselves but they also loathe talking about their accomplishments. Why? Because most women feel that this is - dare I say it? - bragging.

In our adult lives, many women often feel that their work should speak for itself. While that sounds good on paper, this strategy simply doesn't work very well for most women. The result is that many women are often passed over for plum assignments, or worse, for that coveted pay raise or promotion.

It is critical for women to develop a comfort level with talking about themselves and their accomplishments. Self-promotion can help do the following: make you visible, help you realize your goals and dreams, establish you as an expert in your field, and perhaps most importantly, lay the groundwork for future opportunities.

Effective self promotion requires preparation. Here are a few simple steps to get you started:

  1. Take Inventory. You need to have a sense of what is worth promoting about you and why it is important.
  2. Identify Your Key Accomplishments. These should be quantifiable and showcase your contributions.
  3. Describe Your Accomplishment. A simple technique is the "CAR" method: Describe the challenge, the actions, and the results. Think in terms of telling a story.
  4. Craft a Vision for Your Self Promotion. Start by answering these questions: What is the outcome you want to achieve? By When? How will you measure success? What is your timeframe for getting started?
  5. Identify Individuals to Help You. Include individuals both inside and outside your organization. Don't be afraid to ask for help!
  6. Implement Your Strategy!

It's critical that you feel comfortable with whatever steps you choose to take in your quest for self-promotion. One piece of advice: start small and practice with a trusted colleague or a business coach. Keep telling yourself that there is nothing wrong with self-promotion. And remember, success doesn't usually come to those who wait for it. It comes to those that have their "face in the place" both literally and figuratively.

Copyright 2004 Regina Barr, Red Ladder, Inc.

Self-Promotion Online, by Ilise Benum. This book is for any business professional seeking effective strategies to promote themselves utilizing the internet. This site provides self-promotion information and easy-to-use marketing tools for entrepreneurs, small business owners, consultants, freelancers and more.

BRAG! The Art of Tooting Your Own Horn Without Blowing It, by Peggy Klaus. This book teaches its readers how to "artfully communicate their talents and accomplishments without feeling or sounding like a walking billboard."

Fast Facts

Red Ladder could not find any statistical information referring to self-promotion. Please see last month's survey results below for statistics based on reader's responses to last month's questions. Also, if you know of any statistical information about self-promotion, please send it to us at We always appreciate your feedback.

May Survey Results - Self-Promotion
100% of respondents DISAGREED that they tend to avoid promoting themselves too much, or that they don't want to brag.

100% of respondents AGREED that they believe it is important to let people within their organization know why they are important to the organization.

67% of respondents AGREED that they regularly promote themselves inside and outside of their company or business.

100% of respondents DISAGREED that they worry that people won't like them if they say nice things about themselves, or that they should let others do it for them.

50% of respondents AGREED that although they deserved a raise or promotion they failed to ask because they lost the nerve.

100% of respondents AGREED that they accept compliments gracefully and that they own it rather than decrease its significance.


Each month we will be asking for your input on a short survey. This month our survey is on Balance.

What's New

Regina continues in her commitment to helping women be successful through her volunteer efforts. Regina was recently installed as President of SOAR Business & Professional Women (BPW), a local chapter of BPWUSA. For more information go to:

About Regina
Regina Barr, President of Red Ladder, Inc., holds a BBA in finance/management and an MBA in management/ marketing. An advocate of lifelong learning, she is currently enrolled in the Master of Arts in Human Development at St. Mary's University in Minneapolis, MN. Her focus: leadership and issues facing women in business. Regina has over fourteen years in the financial services industry where she has a broad range of leadership experience in product, sales, and marketing.
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