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"When I asked for all things, so that I might enjoy life I was given life, so that I might enjoy all things."

"Gratitude is the most exquisite form of courtesy." Jacques Maritain

Volume 1, Issue 11-- December 2004

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Holiday Greeting from Regina
Thank you for your continued business and support during the past year. I have had a wonderful year and I attribute that to you! I hope you will continue reading my monthly newsletter and, I look forward to hearing from you personally during the coming year. In the meantime, I wish you a blessed holiday season and a prosperous new year!

Warm regards,

Feature Article - A Season of Abundance

December is a great month to pause and reflect on all that which we are grateful for. During this month of holidays, I find that there is an abundance of good will and cheer. Why isn't this the case during other months of the year? It is for some, and it all starts with attitude. Yours.

Have you ever been asked if the glass is half-empty or half-full? An eternal optimist, I typically find my glass half-full in almost any situation. Why? It's all about my attitude. I find the good or the opportunity in almost any situation I find myself in. That's why companies like to hire me as a consultant on projects that involve strategic, long-term organizational change. I have the right attitude. And, as you probably know, attitude is contagious.

This month my focus is on abundance. Webster's dictionary defines abundance as:

  1. Ample quantity, profusion
  2. Affluence, wealth
  3. Relative degree of plentifulness

When you find yourself scurrying around getting flustered as you try to finish your holiday shopping, your baking, or party preparations, stop and take five minutes for reflection. Take a deep breath, and write down everything that you feel you have enjoyed in abundance during the past year. Then, ask yourself, how can I share this abundance with others? Write down at least three things you are willing to do this month. Then make a commitment and do them.

For me, the spirit of abundance begins with giving. You've got to give in order to receive. I have come to learn that this is how the universe works, like it or not. So what does this mean? It means that what you put out into the world will eventually come back to you. How does it work? For example, if you are unwilling to share information with others, information that you need may not find its way to you. Or if you hoard money, then you may find that you have less money flowing into your checkbook than you might like.

On the other hand, if you give generously of your time, energy and money, then you will probably find you have an abundant supply of any or all of these in your life. That's how the universe works. It's that simple.

There is a Native American saying: "Give thanks for unknown blessings already on their way." The best way I know how to honor the abundance of unknown blessings that are out there waiting for me, is to give first. Start by giving thanks to all of the people who have been implemental in creating the abundance you have enjoyed in your life.

One of my clients told me that in December she writes down a list of 10-12 people that she feels have helped her achieve success during the past year. At a minimum, she writes them a special thank you. If time permits, she makes a personal phone call to thank them in person. I was lucky enough to be one of those people who received a personal phone call.

My wish for you is that you will be able to manifest your own season of abundance. Start now and you will be amazed at what unfolds for you in the New Year. And remember, the abundance you experience in the coming year is already on its way. What unknown blessings are you giving thanks for?

Copyright 2004 Regina Barr, Red Ladder, Inc.


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Fast Facts

November Survey Results - Appreciation at Work

What is one thing you do at the office to show appreciation for the work of your fellow co-workers?

  • When they do something for me - gather info, contact someone, send helpful info, etc., I send an e-mail reply saying, "You're terrific!"
  • My staff loves to eat. I try to bring treats at least once a week.
  • I send them little thank you notes. I also thank them verbally.
  • Tell them what a great job they are doing on a regular basis.
  • Periodically give them fresh flowers, thanking them for their hard work.
  • Take associates out to lunch or breakfast
  • I will send a note or email to say thank you.

85% of respondents AGREED that they've shown gratitude to at least one person in the work office this week

100 % of respondents AGREED that the last time they were the recipient of gratitude at the work place, they felt more inclined to go the extra mile for the co-worker or business

85% of respondents DISAGREED that they avoid showing too much gratitude toward their co-workers because they worry that they will become complacent

100% of respondents AGREED that they believe that showing appreciation and gratitude toward another person encourages intrinsic motivation

57% of respondents AGREED that the company they work for consistently displays appreciation for its employees by holding special lunches, sending out appreciation awards, or something of the like


Each month we will be asking for your input on a short survey. This month our survey is on Goals/Leadership Legacy

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About Regina
Regina Barr, President of Red Ladder, Inc., holds a BBA in finance/management and an MBA in management/ marketing. An advocate of lifelong learning, she is currently enrolled in the Master of Arts in Human Development at St. Mary's University in Minneapolis, MN. Her focus: leadership and issues facing women in business. Regina has over fourteen years in the financial services industry where she has a broad range of leadership experience in product, sales, and marketing.
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