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Amplify Your Success: 25 Powerful Leaders Help Accelerate Your Career! (eBook & Audios): Thank you for purchasing the Amplify Your Success eBook and audios. You can learn more about the experts featured in the Amplify Your Success eBook and audios below.

Regina Barr is a former marketing executive, founder and CEO of Red Ladder, Inc., and founder of the Women at the Top™ Network. As CEO she helps organizations manage transitions, complete major projects, build strong teams and develop leadership talent.

Regina brings over two decades of leadership experience in marketing, product, and sales, to her role as leadership development consultant, executive coach, professional speaker, trainer, writer and media commentator, with master’s degrees in business administration and human development. Learn more about Regina or her speaking availability at www.redladder.com.

The days of the authoritarian leader are over. Good interpersonal skills are vital to generate the personal trust and respect needed for leadership effectiveness.

Sarah Sladek is the founder and CEO of Limelight Generations, one of the only generational companies in the United States focused on recruiting, retaining, managing, and marketing to generations X, Y, and Z. Sladek started researching the absence of younger generations in membership associations and businesses in 2002 and became the author of two ground-breaking books on the topic--Rock Stars Incorporated: Hiring the High-Performance, High-Maintenance Hotshots Half Your Age (2008) and The New Recruit: What Your Association Needs to Know About X, Y, & Z (2007). Sladek is also the founder of XYZ University and the RockStars@Work Conference. Learn more about Sarah at www.limelightgenerations.com.

Sarah will discuss how companies can successfully integrate four distinct generations into the workplace by embracing change and actively demonstrating respect and inclusion for its multigenerational work force. You will learn some quick yet effective tips on how to foster a culture of collaboration, acceptance, and productivity through exceptional interpersonal skills.

Roshini Rajkumar didn't read any books about communication, she learned by doing. During her TV career, she reported and anchored the news, launched an investigative unit, and hosted talk shows on TV and radio. This year, Roshini shares insider tips in her first book, Communicate That! She started Roshini Multi Media in 2006 and helps businesspeople, authors, athletes, and politicos present their best within their industries and for the media. Roshini keeps her microphone skills tuned up through radio hosting and commercial talent work. She is a guest professor at St. Catherine University’s Leadership Institute. Learn more about Roshini at www.roshinimedia.com.

Roshini will be speaking about Vocal Power. She will help you figure out whether your vocal behavior is helping or hurting your business success. Learn how to enhance your vocal behavior to build your credibility by understanding the basic mechanics of your voice box.

Kelle Sparta is an accomplished professional speaker, author and coach. She specializes in speaking on business topics associated with getting better into relationship with those around you – be they coworkers, clients or entire markets. She coaches women on how to create their own personal brand and how to bring that brand into the world, and runs retreats for women leaders. The topics of her retreats are: Renewal, Creativity, and Transformation. The retreats are small, highly-customized, exclusive events that are never the same twice. Learn more about Kelle at www.KelleSparta.com

Kelle will discuss how you can create a space where people feel safe to communicate and share while still maintaining focus and retaining control of the meeting. You will learn about the feminine approach to effective meeting skills.

Arlene Vernon provides comprehensive human resource management consulting, speaking and training services as President of HRx, Inc. She brings over 30 years of HR management experience, developing and implementing HR strategies and employee relations solutions as a consultant to a wide variety of organizations. Arlene speaks at conferences and public seminars as well as provides in-house training on such topics as: leadership, communication, supervision, interviewing and selection, performance management, employee relations and interpersonal development. Arlene’s Find Your Voice – Sing Your Heart Out keynote merges her electrifying voice with her lively personality and sense of humor to share an inspirational musical message of self-discovery. Learn more about Arlene at www.ArleneVernon.com.

Arlene will help you find your voice and sing your heart out. The concept of looking within to find one’s unique voice sounds so simple, yet so often we forget to acknowledge and integrate key pieces of ourselves in our daily lives. Arlene will share the importance of self-reflection, self-acceptance and self-celebration.

Ann Romberg is a specialist in coaching middle managers. Twenty-five years in Fortune 500 companies as a first line manager through corporate officer showed her the gap that is present for managers and how much more effective they could be with the support of an executive coach. Ann is deeply passionate about helping managers be extraordinarily successful and passionate about bringing horses to solve their problems exponentially faster! Ann is a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach and Certified Equine Guided Educator. She has presented at national conferences and has worked internationally. She is co-owner of Wisdom Horse Coaching and does her individual coaching as Carrot Coach. Learn more about Ann at www.wisdomhorsecoaching.com.

Ann will focus on congruence of mind, heart and body language as a critical component of effective interpersonal skills and leadership. Through stories, you will learn how individuals discovered incongruencies they were unaware of which negatively impacted their leadership effectiveness.

A person who expects to effectively manage others must first be capable of managing herself. Your ability to prioritize and complete tasks in order to deliver desired outcomes within allotted time frames along with your ability to stay calm under fire is critical to your leadership success.

Cheryl Alexander Stearns is devoted to helping people thrive, lead, and make a positive difference in the world. An entrepreneur since the age of 26, she built an international executive search firm that repeatedly shattered the glass ceiling and impacted thousands in multiple cultures. In 2003, she formed Cheryl Alexander & Associates, specializing in executive coaching and the collaborative development of leaders. Her company's signature programs--the Executive Women's Roundtable and Peer Mentoring Program – result in powerful mentor networks, dedicated to helping all participants' flourish in a rapidly-changing world and supporting the creation of effective and humane business solutions. Learn more about Cheryl at www.CherylAlexander.com.

Cheryl will discuss how to thrive as an authentic leader. She will give you a guide to sanity and wholeness in the “new normal” so that you can create the life and future you desire using practices that will keep you at your best.

Mary Jane (MJ) Paris, author and President, is the “positive energy” source and founder of Positive Impact Consulting Services, LLC in Shelton, CT. She brings a broad base of experience to her practice gained from more than 25 years in people management, employee development, recruiting, coaching, project management and community leadership. With a focus on “The Positive Workplace,” MJ and Positive Impact specialize in motivational speaking engagements, leadership/ professional development and “Positive-A-Tea®” teambuilding programs that bring “Positive Energy” to your workplace by improving attitudes, boosting morale, motivating and engaging employees, maximizing productivity, improving customer service, teamwork, results…and growing your business! Learn more about MJ at www.posimpact.net.

MJ will talk about Positive Energy and Self-Management: Learn how trust, empowerment, time and stress management help you grow and foster the essential “P2P” (people-to-people) relationships that are critical to your success - at work and at home!

Faith Ralston is a dynamic speaker, trusted advisor and coach to top leaders and the creator of Play to your Strengths Talent system for leaders and teams. She has 26 years of business experience helping leaders build extraordinary teams, improve collaboration and manage their careers. Learn more about Faith at www.FaithRalston.com.

Faith will help you discover your top leadership talent by helping you learn how to inspire others and get more done by playing to your strengths. She will help you distinguish yourself as a leader by doing more of what you do best.

Angela O’Mara has over 22 years experience representing PR clients to the national media. With a deep understanding of the industry, she has taken PR beyond simply spinning a story. She is also author of the women's inspirational book "Lipstick.Laptops.Life." Her agency has successfully placed clients on ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, MSNBC, E!, The View, Good Morning America, Today Show, Oprah Winfrey Show, to name a few, as well as magazines and newspapers across the country. A frequent lecturer on how to effectively market a business, Angela specializes in strategic marketing campaigns and business training in her Irvine office. Learn more about Angela at www.theprofessionalimage.com.

Angela will discuss seven steps to help you keep your day on track. It all begins with what you want to create and how you are going to see that creation become a reality. By applying proven methods for self organization and focus, you can turn any day into your dream day.

Gabrielle Hamen is president of You Have The Power and author of Thrivorship: Power Tools For Success. She specializes in change management, conflict resolution and communication skills with a mission to increase productivity, resiliency, and success. Gabrielle has over 20 years experience training, consulting and speaking. She is a graduate of Coaches Training Institute and Co-Active Leadership Program, and a member of American Society for Training & Development and National Speakers Association. Gabrielle’s zeal for human potential is contagious no matter what audience she speaks to. Her real life stories and practical applications help us all learn how to thrive during challenging times! Learn more about Gabrielle at www.youhavethepower.biz.

Gabrielle will talk about the importance of having a good support network, especially when you’re managing staff with fewer resources. Learn about the top three people you need to have in your support network in order to succeed in the workplace.

Personal Accountability

A leader who has mastered personal accountability and answers for her personal actions will inspire her staff and colleagues to exhibit the same behaviors. Personal accountability is leadership by example.

Louise Kurzeka has been helping people make the most of their time and get the best use of their space since 1992. Her company, Everything’s Together®, consults with both individual and business clients. Her clientele include American Express Financial, Wells Fargo and 3M. She was a featured writer in the 2006 How to Organize Just About Everything book and wrote the Smead booklet 100 Ideas for Better Organization. Louise is a Golden Circle member of NAPO and a founding member of the Minnesota Chapter of NAPO. She has earned both the CD and ADD Specialist Certificates from NSGCD and served on the NSGCD board as Teleclass Director. Learn more about Louise at .

Louise will show how intention is nothing without the habits and routines that serve intention. Louise will share the tips and techniques a pro organizer uses to help you realize the intentions of self care.

Libby Gill is an entertainment industry veteran who spent fifteen years heading public relations and corporate communications at Universal Studios, Sony Pictures Entertainment and Turner Broadcasting. She was also the branding brain behind the PR launch of the Dr. Phil Show. Libby is now an internationally respected executive coach, speaker and bestselling author. She has shared her success strategies on the Today Show, The Big Idea with Donny Deutsch, CNN, NPR, Oprah & Friends Radio Network, Fox News, CBS Early Show, and in Time Magazine, the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, O Magazine, Good Housekeeping, Self and many more. Learn more about Libby at www.libbygill.com.

Libby will guide participants to identify areas that need improvement using a self-assessment that she developed to help people determine satisfaction levels in ten key areas of work and life. You’ll learn five specific ways you can hold yourself accountable to your vision of success.

Sam Parker is a cofounder of Give More Media Inc. – publishers and creators of tools to help leaders help their people care more about their work. He’s also the author of two best-selling books, 212° the extra degree® and Smile & Move™. He lives in Richmond, Virginia with his wife Jennifer and their three children and loves pursuing the truth. Learn more about Sam at www.givemore.com.

Sam will talk about the often overlooked development of resiliency. You will learn how to develop resiliency as it relates to your own accountability and how it impacts those around you.

Dia Satori has reinvented herself numerous times in her thirty-year business career. She has extensive corporate and entrepreneurial experience focused on strategic development, values alignment and identification of creativity and risk factors that influence innovation and change. Her current entrepreneurial endeavor is Strategic Dreaming, Inc. a media and publishing company which is launching a women-focused ezine as well as a new book called C Sweets. She has worked in various medical device companies and was cofounder of a multicultural media company. She graduated from Augsburg College with a B.A. in Communications and is completing her Masters of Arts in Leadership. Learn more about Dia at www.strategicdreaming.com.

Dia will discuss the importance of your ability or willingness to be responsible for what you do or fail to do. The words and actions that you use to acknowledge your mistakes, as well as your successes, sets a strong example within your organization that may be emulated by others potentially creating a toxic or a healthy environment.

Melissa Curzon worked side by side with entrepreneurs, executives and other high achievers as a relationship manager at a large regional financial services company for over 25 years. As president of Triumph Solutions, Melissa uses her extensive experience to hone in on the details of her clients’ lives that require greater attention, efficiency and impartiality. She works behind-the-scenes as a liaison, point of contact and task manager. To complement Triumph Solutions core mission, Melissa launched TFW Magazine, a life style publication that celebrates successful women. TFW brings insights, inspiration and ingenuity from women at the top on their way up. Learn more about Melissa at www.triumphsolutionsinc.com.

Melissa will bring focus to goal setting, organizing, and structure that will enable you to shift from reaction to action. She will encourage you to identify your work style and modify your work habits to achieve your desired results.

Today’s leader is in a position of influence, rather than power. Your ability to affect others’ actions, decisions, opinions or thinking will be your most critical key to leadership success.

Judy Zimmer is a Certified Effectiveness Coach, owns her own coaching practice and provides coaching to professional finance consultants through SALO, the leader in finance and accounting consultants in the Twin Cities. In addition to coaching, Judy teaches seminars on Social Media, LinkedIn for Generating Revenue, Job Search Strategies and Personal Branding. Judy shares her passion for influencing others by helping them identify and enhance their personal brand. Learn more about Judy at www.salollc.com.

Judy will discuss Five Ways to Increase Your Personal Brand. One of the hottest business topics is Personal Branding. Judy will provide you with practical ideas you can implement immediately to enhance your own personal brand.

Betsy Buckley is a nationally acclaimed speaker, coach and trainer. Betsy’s founded three companies and successfully sold two. For the last 10 years, What Matters has helped professional services firms and business leaders grow more profitable revenues and more positive reputations. What Matters name is intentional. Betsy focuses on helping clients find and use their strengths. A graduate of the Hudson Institute of Santa Barbara (often called the Harvard of the executive coaching world), she guides clients in making behavioral changes as they work together, and leaves them sustainable systems to continue that work, long after the engagement is concluded.

Betsy will discuss the skills that real leaders need: persuasion, influence, motivation, power. Betsy will share with you the tools to develop action-oriented, pithy communications that paint pictures and spur action, and your own dictionary of persuasion and influence to build upon.

Kathy Curran PhD, principal of Resources for Creative Change, Inc. since 1992, focuses her practice on consulting on issues that surround creating and implementing strategic change, and on providing learning experiences in the areas of power, ethics and organizational politics as they pertain to leadership development, especially for women in management. Clients range from start-ups through global companies, government, and not-for-profit clients. Dr. Curran holds a doctorate from Fielding Graduate University, Santa Barbara, CA., a two-year post-graduate certificate from the Gestalt Institute of Cleveland and an evidence-based coaching certificate from Fielding Graduate University. Learn more about Kathy at www.powerandleadership.com.

Kathy will talk about the differences involved in using power and influence with men and women. The two genders respond differently to a woman's use of power, and you will learn how to employ different savvy skills with each.

Monica Moses, Zumo Consulting Principal, has coached and trained hundreds of leaders to be more courageous, strategic and influential. In her 20 years as a leader (10 at the executive level), she led a number of big departments and successful, game-changing business initiatives, along with teaching leadership, coaching leaders, consulting in organizations and writing about leadership at the world's premier media think tank. Monica calls on her training in executive coaching, emotional intelligence (EQi), Strategic Leadership Development, Appreciative Inquiry, William Bridges’ Transition model and Harvard’s Program on Negotiation. More important, she draws on her own messy development as a leader, from insecure and grudging to confident and joyful. Learn more about Monica at www.zumo-consulting.com.

Monica will share ideas on finding your true power. Thirty years of research says the most influential leaders do four things: Help others grow, challenge their thinking, give them hope and demonstrate integrity. Monica will help you uncover ways to build these powerful practices into your daily routine.

Wendy Houser Blomseth, Photographer, Owner of InBeaute Photography has more than eighteen years professional photographic experience. Passionate about creating photographic images that enhance women’s personal brand with authentic images of women's self-esteem, success, joy, business, career and loving relationships. Wendy specializes in photo placement online at social media networking sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter as well as blogs and websites. Wendy speaks on personal branding strategies using photography and image presentation as a strategic marketing tool. Learn more about Wendy at www.inbeautephoto.com.

Wendy will show you how to be a role model with your photographic images. She’ll show you how to use your photographic image, both online and in print, as a strategic tool for your career and business development.

Goal Achievement

Your overall ability to set, pursue, and attain achievable goals – regardless of obstacles and circumstances – will be critical to your leadership success.

Jennifer Kuchta is co-founder, President, and Publisher of The Goals Institute and co-creator of the Keep It Simple for Success® (KISS Books) and 10 Best Tips™ series of books published by The Goals Institute. She co-authored several titles in these series including: It's About TIME!, The Anacondas in Life, World-Class Customer Service, and 10 Best Tips for Closing the Sale. Jennifer oversees the publication of books and the development and production of training resource tools for The Goals Institute. Jennifer graduated from Michigan Technological University in Houghton, Michigan with a degree in accounting. Her passion? Helping people in whatever way she can. Learn more about Jennifer at www.goalpower.com.

Jennifer will share the Five Cs of Leadership Goals to help you and your team, reach new heights. Listen in to see if these five elements are part of your goals.

Julie Moore Rapacki is president of Polish Your Star, a Twin Cities based strategic career, marketing and leadership consulting firm for women. Quoted nationally and internationally on career related topics, she is an accomplished attorney and HR professional with extensive retail and general business expertise. Through Polish Your Star Women’s Leadership Coaching Circles, she accelerates the leadership reach, confidence in personal marketing and economic status of her clients. She also serves as a member of the Gender Fairness Implementation Committee of the Minnesota Supreme Court and as president of the 45 member Lawrence University Alumni Association Board of Directors. Learn more about Julie at www.polishyourstar.com.

Julie will discuss Setting Your Goals: Are You Reaching High Enough and Does Anyone Know It? What you don’t say can get in your way.

Alison Kero, organization and productivity expert and founder of Gotham Concierge, helps business professionals develop goal achievement strategies through organizational skills. Alison teaches you how to stay focused in your pursuit of a goal and keep obstacles from sabotaging your efforts. Alison also helps business professionals and owners learn how to create the systems they need to become more organized. She teaches an easy-to-implement approach for managing your workload so you get the recognition you deserve. She arms you with the tools you need to manage your time, organize your work, and meet deadlines. Learn more about Alison at www.gothamconcierge.com.

Alison will discuss the importance of establishing clear goals and identifying the steps necessary to achieve them. You will learn how to set your priorities, without taking on too much, and achieve your goals faster.

Myrna Marofsky is the principal of Red Book llc where she coaches women business owners to turn their dreams into realities. She is the founder of The Business Women's Circle™, an association of business owners who act as peer advisors for each other. She is also the Chapter Chair for two chapters of Women President's Organization, an international organization of business owners with multimillion dollar companies. Prior to 2007 Myrna was President and co-owner of ProGroup, a nationally recognized diversity consulting organization. At ProGroup she facilitated executive workshops and conducted dialogues for Fortune 500 companies. Learn more about Myrna at www.redbookllc.com.

Myrna will present a five step approach to setting goals and sticking to them. Where are you heading? How do you get "there"? How will you know you are "there"? Why is it so hard to stick to a plan? Whether personal or professional or both, it all begins with YOU.

Sandra Wakefield is a business leader, talk show host, motivational speaker, wife, mother, and consummate volunteer. Sandra’s TV show BRILLIANT LIVING features family and relationship matters, health and wellness initiatives, and community events. As an inspirational speaker, Sandra’s message is to offer strength and hope to others and to invite them to the possibility of what life could look like. Sandra knows that to become professionally successful it is necessary to understand and apply the tools of transformation personally first. Sandra makes complex topics understandable, relevant and interesting leaving her audiences energized with a renewed sense of purpose, and an urgent call to action.

Sandra will discuss a practical and systematic strategy used to accelerate goal accomplishment. You will learn simple steps critical to both goal setting and goal achievement.

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