"I thoroughly enjoyed the conference. You are
certainly a dynamic speaker. It was GREAT!"

              Saundra Quick, Mechanics & Farmers Bank
                        Executive Assistant to the President

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WATT™ Dial Up Your Leadership Teleseminar: Up is NOT the Only Way™

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Feeling stuck in your quest to climb the corporate ladder? This program focuses on the current work environment, the new employment contract, and the birth of the ‘free’ agent.

As a participant, you will learn:

  • the impact this has on corporate careers,
  • how you can create a plan to move ahead, and
  • how to navigate a work environment

where up may no longer be the only way to create career success.

TeleSeminar Instructions: Call 218-936-4700 and enter 16762 when prompted. The TeleSeminar will start promptly at 12 noon CST.

Call Logistics:

  1. It’s very important to keep the background quiet so that we can have a productive and fun call.

  2. We start on time and end on time so we will move at a very fast pace. That means that we may only have time to touch on topics at a very high level. 

  3. My goal is for the calls to be very interactive – so please feel free to speak up and share! 

  4. The TeleSeminar programs are recorded for your convenience and for promotional opportunities. 

  5. When you speak up, please state your first name so I’ll know who I’m talking to. 

  6. If you have background noise or are in a noisy area, press *6 to mute. To unmute, press *6 again.

Click here for the materials for this call.

I look forward to our call!!

Regina Barr

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