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Coveralls & Tell-Alls:  Everything You Need to Know About Leadership I Learned on the Farm by Sheila Webb Pierson                            

After years working in the corporate world, Sheila Pierson realized that she had learned the best model for being an influential leader by watching her father on their family farm.  From the barn to the boardroom to the civic hall, her message is clear and simple; live toward your legacy. Through her stories, you will learn to follow these same principles and build your own legacy.


  • Be proud of where you come from 
  • Laugh at yourself  
  • Admit your mistake
  • Serve others 
  • Communicate 
  • Live with purpose and passion

Sheila has a passion for helping coworkers and friends succeed. She has a fifteen year accomplished track record of coaching for success, as well as inspiring others to lead teams through chaos into achieving remarkable results. She has a Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree in Agriculture from the great Hog Nation, University of Arkansas. She has worked in both privately owned and fortune 100. 

Sheila currently resides in Northwest Arkansas, not only working in the leadership development capacity, but also an owner operator of an Angus cow-calf farm.  Over 600 acres of rolling hills tucked away in the edge of the Ozarks has provided the perfect classroom for learning life lessons.

You can learn more about Sheila, her book and her programs at CoverallandTellalls. 

How to Work a Room: The Ultimate Guide to Making Lasting Connections – In Person and Online by Susan RoAne                                

25th Anniversary Edition. The ultimate guide to business networking and savvy socializing, How To Work a Room® was written with one goal in mind: To give you the confidence and the tools to walk into any room and shine – whether the event is social or professional, a meeting, party, reunion, PTA committee or the Inaugural Ball.

Susan's book is designed to help you manage these events successfully, mingle with ease, and come away feeling that you have accomplished your own goals, made other people feel good in the process, and have had a good time. Most of us want to feel comfortable with other people, even strangers, and will do whatever it takes to minimize the anxiety and flow through a crowded room with ease and grace. We want to be comfortable, and to make other people feel comfortable with us. This book has continued to be a vital tool for business professionals, job seekers, and career changers of all ages.  In addition, you will learn how you can use technology and social media to help you build relationships and manage events more successfully.   

Named as one of Forbes.com top 25 Networking Experts to Follow, Susan RoAne is known as "The Mingling Maven®". Susan leads a double life as a bestselling author and a sought-after entertaining keynote speaker who gives multi-generational audiences the required tools, practical techniques and strategies they need to connect and communicate in today’s global business world.  A former public school teacher Susan also guest lectures at major universities including:  University of Pennsylvania, Wharton School, Stanford University, University of Maryland, University of Chicago-Booth School, University of Texas Law School, University of Illinois MBA program.

You can learn more about Susan, her books and her programs at www.susanroane.com.   

Communicate Up the Corporate Ladder:  How To Succeed In Business With Clarity and Confidence  by Jayne Latz                          

Are you stuck on the corporate ladder? Here is how to recognize the red flags that may be holding you back:

 • Are people frequently asking you to repeat what you just said?
 • Do you get nervous, speak too quickly, or forget what you want to say?
 • Are promotions passing you by?

If you answered yes to any of these questions let Communicate Up the Corporate Ladder be your motivation to take action. The goal of this book is to build clarity, confidence, and careers. Helpful tips and exercises will teach you 
how to improve the quality of your speech, navigate complicated professional situations, and build confidence in your business communication skills.

Jayne Latz is an expert in communication skills. For over 25 years she has worked as a speech-language pathologist, college educator, professional speech trainer and coach.  In 2006 she founded Corporate Speech Solutions, LLC which specializes in advancing speech and communication skills for business professionals. She is a member of National Speakers Association (NSA) and is on the board of the local New York City Chapter. She has been featured in the Wall Street Journal (three times) and was a guest on the Today Show. You can learn more about Jayne, her book and her programs at www.corporatespeachsolutions.com.

LinkedIn for the Savvy Executive by Carol Kaemmerer         

LinkedIn for the Savvy Executive is the first book focused exclusively on how executives can use LinkedIn with authenticity, tact and power. It outlines the importance of this essential social media platform, shows you how to control the way you present yourself, and how to use LinkedIn as a vehicle for expressing your thought leadership and building your own authentic brand as a leader, while contributing to your company’s brand equity. This book will guide you, the savvy executive, to use LinkedIn to power your career.    

Carol Kaemmerer is a popular speaker, executive coach and corporate trainer who helps businesses and executives leverage the power of LinkedIn to increase their visibility and influence, engage with their ideal audiences, and cultivate reputations as thought leaders. She specializes in strategies for using LinkedIn as a personal branding and business development tool. You can learn more about Carol at www.carolkaemmerer.com

Jump Ship: 10 Steps to Starting a New Career by Caroline Cenzia- Levine                                                                                          

If you’ve ever wanted to change your career but didn’t know if it was feasible—or where to start—this book provides a 10-step process to get you moving. 

Whether you’re looking to switch industries or make another change—going back to school or starting your own business, for example—this book will give you the steps you need to succeed. It isn’t your standard careers guide on how to land just any job, because changing careers is a different beast: You’ll need to work extra hard to prove you’re a better fit for the role than traditional candidates. From start to finish, this book will give you the tools you need to “jump ship” and secure your new dream job. 

Caroline has coached executives from Amazon, American Express, Condé Nast, eBay, Goldman Sachs, Google, McKinsey, Tesla and other leading firms. Prior to launching SixFigureStart® in 2008, Caroline spent 15 years in strategy consulting, executive search and HR. Caroline is an adjunct in Professional Development at Columbia University. A classically trained pianist at Juilliard and Manhattan School of Music, Caroline stays active in the arts, performing stand-up comedy.  Learn more about Caroline and her programs at SixFigureStart®

Power Your Career: The Art of Tactful Self-Promotion at Work                               by Nancy Burke and Richard Dodson                           

Tactful self-promotion IS NOT about being a blowhard, stealing the credit or elbowing your way to the center of attention; it IS about cultivating a positive reputation. Tactful self-promotion is a crucial career and life competency.  Even those who hate the idea of self-promotion must find ways to increase their visibility if they want job opportunities, recognition and rewards.

Power Your Career lays out a model and practical strategies based on thousands of conversations with people seeking more visibility, and includes actions that even the most reserved can take to increase their visibility without violating their integrity or values. 

Nancy Burke, of Burke&Penn, is a seasoned Career Coach who works with people that want to explore and design the next steps in their careers and helps them find their best fit in the workplace. Nancy has been a SVP with Lee Hecht Harrison, a leadership and career consulting firm, and earlier worked in human resource capacities for USBank, Pillsbury, and Jostens.  She has also been an adjunct faculty member at the University of Minnesota and Metropolitan State University (St. Paul, MN). Nancy has a BA in liberal arts and an MA in adult education from the University of Minnesota. 

You can learn more about Nancy and her book at  TactfulSelfPromotion.com.

 The Power of Adversity: A Guide to Finding Your Greatest Gifts in Life                  by Tiffany Mason                                               

Where are you heading in life? Do you feel trapped or smothered by your past? What if it were possible to move forward rather than backward—would you take the necessary steps to do so?

A self-help guide interwoven with a personal memoir, The Power of Adversity offers hope and encouragement to women who feel imprisoned by past trauma. Empowering women to overcome their seemingly insurmountable challenges, it walks them through three steps, sharing essential tools and methods that will help them design the life and marriage they desire.

Empowerment Coach Tiffany Mason is living proof of the effectiveness of her three-part method, which she has also used successfully with numerous clients and audience participants over the years.

Tiffany’s interactive presentations and workshops can help your group achieve ultimate results; reach your fullest potential, and live a happier and meaningful life. You can learn more by visiting, www.tiffanymason.com

On Point: A Coach's Game Plan for Life, Leadership, and Performing with Grace Under Fire by Pam Borton                                         

On Point gives you a seat on the bench with one of the nation’s top women’s basketball coaches. Distilling a 27-year coaching career into crucial lessons, On Point drives home the essence of effective leadership under pressure, stress and times of chaos. On Point delivers the practical knowledge and skills leaders need to achieve success in life and business, using stories from business, the courts, locker rooms, and press conferences. From leading a Big 10 basketball program to coaching high-performing teams in business, leader-focused chapters provide a holistic view of attributes crucial for On Point leadership. 

As the winningest coach in the University of Minnesota women’s basketball history and now top-performing, ICF senior executive coach, keynote speaker, and author, Pam Borton’s life’s purpose is dedicated to taking individuals, teams, and organizations to the “Next Level”. Having successfully navigated the pressure and expectations of a highly visible position in an ultra-competitive environment, Pam now brings that unique background to her C-suite, senior level leaders, and coaching teams in business. As the President and CEO of Borton Partners, an executive coaching firm, she delivers dynamic keynote presentations nationally.   

For more information about Pam and her book, visit:  http://pambortonpartners.com 

Learn. Work. Lead: Things Your Mentor Won't Tell You by Terri Tierney Clark                                                                        

In today’s world, women’s career success relies on much more than just taking advice from a mentor, knowing how to network, and being proactive. Professional women have to learn how to analyze career decisions for themselves and figure out what to do when their decisions don’t work out.

Learn, Work, Lead: Things Your Mentor Won’t Tell You is a cutting-edge career and job search guide that will teach you those skills and give you the tools to navigate successfully in a gender-biased workplace. It will show you how to plan your career, negotiate effectively and learn other essential skills now so that you will be chosen to lead in the future.

Author, Terri Tierney Clark, is a graduate of Smith College and Dartmouth College’s Tuck School of Business and has over 20 years of business experience at Merrill Lynch and other financial firms. She is currently CEO of Summit Leadership Advisors, a consulting company engaged in providing corporations with effective Sponsorship programs, structured specifically to increase the percentages of women and diverse leaders in their organizations.  

For information on Terri and her book, visit Amazon, Barnes and Noble or www.TTierneyClark.com.  

Win/Win Networking: Your Guidebook for Confident and Effective Connections          by Teresa Thomas                                           

If you weren’t born a natural networker — you are not alone! Skillful networking is something that you develop and practice—even if networking doesn’t come naturally for you. 

In Win/Win Networking, Teresa will show you easy-to-implement tips, tools, and new ways to approach networking that are a win/win for you and the people you meet. You will also receive interactive exercises, checklists, templates, and journal pages to discover where and how to network in ways that work specifically for you; access insights to become more effective, confident, and energized in making connections; and gain powerful tools to strategize your next networking opportunities, both in-person and online. ​

Living up to her reputation as The Win/Win Networker, Teresa Thomas has helped thousands to connect, learn and re-energize to grow professionally and in business through networking. As someone who has struggled with shyness, she knows first-hand that networking skills can be learned and developed. She shares her tried and true insights to help others to effectively network with confidence. Teresa has been a professional connector for over 20 years. In 2007, she took on the leadership of MN Women In Networking (WIN) for entrepreneurial women to lift each other up for success. 

For more information on Teresa and her book visit: Amazon or teresa-thomas.com. 

Less Stress Business: A Guide for Hiring, Coaching, and Leading Great Employees    by Jamie Sussel Turner                                                 

When asked to rate the stress they experience around managing people, on a scale of 1-10 (with 10 being maxed out stress), many business owners, managers, and executives rate themselves at a 9 or 10. There is a high cost to all of this stress both in workplace tension, personal health, and a lack of work/life balance. 

Jamie Sussel Turner helps readers look beyond blaming their employees when things don’t go well to getting to the heart of the leadership issues that fuel their stress. With engaging anecdotes, drawn from Sussel Turner’s coaching practice, and clear strategies drawn from her leadership experience, Less Stress Business helps readers lead in new ways so they reduce their stress and lead with more clarity and calm than they ever imagined was possible. 

Jamie Sussel Turner M.Ed is an author, coach, workshop facilitator and speaker. She earned dual masters degrees in educational leadership and elementary education, and her leadership approach has been featured in journals and newspaper articles including The New York Times.

Rookie Smarts: Why Learning Beats Knowing in the New Game of Work                   by Liz Wiseman                                                                                                          

In a rapidly changing world, experience can be a curse. Being new, naïve, and even clueless can be an asset. Rookies are unencumbered, with no baggage to weigh them down, no resources to burden them, and no track record to limit their thinking or aspirations. For today’s knowledge workers, constant learning is more valuable than mastery.

Rookie Smarts addresses the questions every experienced professional faces: “Will my knowledge and skills become obsolete and irrelevant? Will a young, inexperienced newcomer upend my company or me? How can I keep up?” The answer is to stay fresh, keep learning, and know when to think like a rookie. Rookie Smarts isn’t just for professionals seeking personal renewal; it is an indispensable resource for all leaders who must ensure their workforce remains vital and competitive.

Liz Wiseman is a researcher, executive advisor, and speaker who teaches leaders around the world.  She is the author of three best-selling books. Liz is a former executive from Oracle Corporation.  She writes regularly for Harvard Business Review and Fortune and her work has appeared in the Wall Street Journal, Fast Company, Entrepreneur, Inc. and Time Magazines.  Liz has been listed on the biennial Thinkers50 ranking for 2013 and 2015, and named as one of the top 10 leadership thinkers in the world.   

For more information about Liz and her books visit Amazon or her website at thewisemangroup.com.

The Fire Within: Connect Your Gifts with Your Calling by Marcia Malzahn  

If you have wondered about your mission, your calling, or your purpose in life, you probably have asked yourself the question, Why am I here? 

In this book, Marcia shares how she found her purpose in every job she’s ever had by first discovering her unique gifts and applying them to each job. Marcia takes you through a journey of discovering your own unique gifts and talents that will help you find your purpose and mission in life. 

Marci Malzahn is a banking executive and founder of Malzahn Strategic, a community bank consultancy focused on strategic planning, enterprise risk management and talent management. Marci has over 20 years in senior level bank leadership roles, including launching and growing a community-based bank to over $300 in assets in less than ten years. Marci is currently board chair of Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Greater Twin Cities and serves on three other boards.

Learn more about Marcia and her books at www.marciamalzahn.com.

Reignite: How Everyday Companies Spark Next-Stage Growth                              by Margaret Reynolds                                                            

In today’s fast-paced market, leaders are experiencing challenges that don’t respond to yesterday’s solutions; long-term customers are buying less, margins are tightening, and the pressure is building. 

Leaders face more game-changing decisions in a shorter time span. The choices they make at this critical time will either reignite growth or condemn them to business gravity. In Margaret's book, Reignite, she provides many pragmatic examples and tools that help executives, managers, and leaders see opportunity through a different lens, so they can discover the profitable connection between market needs and their organization’s unique capabilities.

Margaret Reynolds is the founder and owner of Breakthrough Masters Unlimited, a division of Reynolds Consulting, LLC. Reynolds is a recognized expert at helping middle market companies identify and implement breakthrough growth opportunities which take them to the next level of performance. She began her career at Hallmark Cards, Inc. where she held executive roles of general manager and lead strategic officer. She navigated the transition from corporate executive to startup in 2001 and has learned how to effectively apply her successful growth concepts to businesses of any size and industry. Website:  

Her book can be purchased through Amazon, Barnes and Noble and itunes. 

The Drama-Free Way: A Thought-Management Guide to Navigating Chaos and Thriving by Jennifer Kern Collins    

Drama, drama, drama—every facet of our culture is steeped in it. And, like true junkies, we indulge in it endlessly. Drama addiction is real. But why do we have it? How did we even get here?  

Drama functions as a social survival method that we all sometimes lean on to be seen, heard, and to feel like we matter. Left unattended, the negative thought patterns and emotional wounds that foster drama will be recycled generation after generation, adversely affecting our world for years to come.

There is a path to true emotional freedom. In her book, Jennifer explores the internal thought patterns and energetic states that create drama, individually and collectively. This book pairs real stories of journeys out of drama addiction with a practical approach for intentional thinking and authentic thriving. The result isn’t a destination, but a new way of living—a way that can make life easier, more fun, and more fulfilling.  Connect and learn more at: JenniferKernCollins.com 

New Rules of the Game: 10 Strategies for Women in the Workplace                                 by Susan Packard                                                           

Where would your career be if you could understand how your colleagues--especially men--succeed and win at work? And if, in understanding and applying the rules, you could win, too?

In New Rules of the Game, business leader Susan Packard shows you how to cultivate gamesmanship--a strategic way of thinking regularly seen in the video game and sports worlds, and most often among men--that develops creativity, focus, optimism, teamwork, and competitiveness. You'll learn the Ten Rules of Gamesmenship and how to use them effectively.  

Susan Packard held a variety of senior positions at Scripps Networks Interactive, the leading developer of lifestyle-oriented content for television and the Internet.  The company’s media portfolio includes popular lifestyle television brands HGTV, Food Network, DIY Network, Cooking Channel, country music network Great American Country (GAC) and the Travel Channel.  She created and served as president of Scripps Networks New Ventures, where she oversaw the development and launch of DIY Network, Fine Living Network, and online interactive platforms. Susan was also president of worldwide distribution for the Scripps cable brands.

She can be found online at SusanPackard.com, @PackardSusan, and facebook.com/PackardSusan.

Pockets of Joy: Deciding to Be Happy, Choosing to Be Free                                 by Roxane Battle                                                         

If happiness has a hiding place, Roxane Battle may have found it.

As a new mom with a divorce decree and a reporting job on the five o'clock news, she landed on a few thorns among the roses as she learned to raise a child by herself while trying to keep it together in front of the camera. Guided by a strong belief things could, and would, get better, Roxane shed a few tears and found a lot of joy. Pockets of joy are what she calls them--moments where it feels like every thing is going to be okay.

Roxane Battle is an award-winning television personality and writer with a passion for telling stories. With more than twenty-five years of on-air experience, Roxane has appeared on major market network affiliates as a top-rated news anchor, reporter, and talk show host. Best known for her humor and masterful storytelling, Roxane speaks locally and internationally to both secular and faith-based audiences on the topic of work-life balance, sharing candidly from her own experience as a former single mother in the workforce. For more information about Roxane and her book, visit www.roxanebattle.com

 Dynamical Boards: BE The Difference by Dr. Kristine Quade        

A Board of Directors is responsible for guiding an organization away from the cliffs of disaster and toward strong sustainability.

Dynamical Boards: BE the Difference is a radical new approach to providing clarity for board members who are floundering and frustrated with lack of leadership from the most strategic levels. Ineffective visioning and decision-making are driven by individual differences at all levels including personal agenda’s, different decision-making approaches, leadership styles and ego’s. This book offers a way to cut through complex issues, see and influence the patterns and create a truly dynamical board. 

Dr Kristine Quade, EdD, JD, MSOD is an internationally recognized management consultant having worked with more than 200 clients in over 25 countries. She combines her experiences and education to help her clients learn how to thrive during times of rapid change. Dr Quade utilizes her 100+ years of service with for-profit, public and nonprofit boards to help train and place women on Boards of Directors. 

The Power of People: Four Kinds of People Who Can Change Your Life              by Dr. Verna Price                               

What makes you powerful?  Who is influencing your life?  Are they influencing your life in a positive or negative way?  How can you weed out the negative people in your life?  How can you become and extraordinarily successful person?

The Power of People: Four Kinds Of People Who Can Change Your Life by Dr. Verna Price is a very clear and common sense approach to understanding your personal power by learning a simple way of understanding and sorting out people in your life. The book is designed to help people achieve personal and professional success. It is informative, inspiring, motivational and thought-provoking.

Dr. Price is the president and principal consultant for J. Cameron & Associates, an organization committed to empowering and motivating people to realize and positively use their personal power. She is an educator, motivational speaker, executive coach, and organizational consultant. Website: www.drvernaprice.com. 

101 Great Ways to Compete in Today’s Job Market                                             by Michelle A. Riklan and David Riklan                        Purchase Here 

In such a challenging workforce climate, “career enhancement” means many different things:  procuring that first job, keeping an existing position, returning to the workforce after a long hiatus, riding the waves of unemployment, starting an entrepreneurial venture...

We are fortunate to have so many collaborative authors to share expertise, impart wisdom and entertain us with relative anecdotes, including a chapter from Regina Barr on The Art of Self Promotion. 

In 101 Great Ways to Compete In Today's Job Market, we have compiled a thoughtful collection of 101 unique chapters from some of the industry’s leading experts. Our experts are varied with impressive backgrounds and credentials from previously published authors and television personalities to coaches, business owners and heads of associations. They are all stellar educators who have shared information on topics that are personally relevant and hope to inspire and motivate their readers. 

Cut the Crap, Get a Job! a New Job Search Process for a New Era                        by Dana Manciagli                                                              

Have you been thinking about making a career move but weren’t sure about the timing or worse, how to begin? With predictions of worker shortages, accelerating Baby Boomer retirements, and a widening leadership gap, this might be the best time ever to make your next career move.

Cut the Crap, Get a Job! A New Job Search Process for a New Era is a revolutionary and fresh job search book that delivers an intensive approach to help everyone from college graduates to senior executives find their next career moves. You’ll learn the current approach to the latest employment practices and brand new proprietary techniques for career development.  Additionally, you will gain access to 9 free downloadable tools to manage your personal job search.

Dana Manciagli is a career expert, speaker, and private coach. She has spent more than 30 years as a Fortune 500 sales and marketing executive, now retired after over a decade’s tenure at Microsoft. A recognized career, networking, and business thought leader, she is a sought-after speaker and a regular contributor to print and online publications, including her own weekly “Career Mojo” column in all of the Business Journals nationwide. She was named among Seattle’s Women of Influence, sits on the worldwide board of Junior Achievement and received her MBA from the Thunderbird School of Global Management. Website:  http://DanaManciagli.com 

Make Unstoppable Simple by Dina Simon                            

Being unstoppable doesn’t mean you are never blocked or stuck on your way through life. It means you need to figure out how to break through life’s obstacles and fully live your journey. 

That’s the essence of Make Unstoppable Simple.  It is a creative way to problem-solve, learn to see road blocks or people with a different lens, and figure out how to move your life forward.  Many people unnecessarily suffer in silence, letting fear or panic stop them in their tracks.  The fear of failure or of having to admit you need help doesn’t need to end your dreams.  People will line up to help you if you tell them what you need and how they can help you!

Dina B. Simon has always known a company's greatest asset is its people. The core of her expertise and passion is coaching and developing leaders, teams and employees at every level to achieve their professional and personal goals. Dina serves as the CEO of Simon Says Lead, a consulting firm that is designated as a “benefit corporation” supporting her daughter Mandi’s nonprofit, Simon Says Give®.  Visit her website at www.simonsayslead.com. 

No Glass Ceiling, Just Blue Sky: A Women’s Guide to Building Great Teams            by Marcy Blochowiak.                                     

Get ready to learn the secrets of success! An inspirational book about daring to reach your life goals. This beautifully designed gift book is about removing "ceilings" and replacing them with "blue skies."

Author Marcy Blochowiak, lays her heart on the line when she tells how she overcame doubt and fear to build a successful organization. Her valuable insights on life balance, the power of choice, respecting others, and removing the chains that bind are powerful. Compelling content, inspirational photography and quotes make this book a must for any woman entrepreneur.

Marcy Blochowiak is CEO Marketing Director with World Financial Group (WFG), a member of the Aegon Group. WFG is a financial services marketing company headquartered in Duluth, GA with offices worldwide. She is also a co-founder of the company's 'Women's Initiative,' a bold strategy for maximizing the unprecedented opportunity women now have. 

 Playing to Win in Business (Just Respect for Women) (Volume 1) by Shirley Weis                                                                               

Career Advice from the 9 Billion Dollar Woman. Shirley Weis went from the bedside to the boardroom in her nursing career, becoming a senior leader at Mayo Clinic, one of the most famous healthcare organizations in the world. Her success wasn't due to luck but to an understanding of the rules of the game of business; especially those many women don't know - the unwritten rules of career success.

In this candid, authentic, and inspirational book for women, Shirley reveals her principles for winning the game in business.

When you read it, you'll learn how to: Use Just Respect™ to build relationships throughout your organization; Gain the experience that leaders require; Thrive during challenges and survive failures; Manage family needs while climbing the corporate ladder; and Earn a spot at the management table, even when it is full of men.  

Shirley Weis is President of Weis Associates, LLC, a national management consulting and leadership development firm.  She is also Special Advisor to the President and Professor of Practice in the W. P. Carey School of Business and the College of Nursing and Health Innovation at Arizona State University. Ms. Weis recently retired from her role as Vice President and Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) for Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minn.  Her work involved overseeing 60,000 employees and coordinating overall institutional strategy and operation of Mayo Clinic’s $9 billion healthcare system. 

The Power is in the Pearl by Dawn Stebbing                                  

Are you dressing in a way that expresses your authentic self, and is age-appropriate? Does how you dress make your co-workers take you seriously? Are you trapped in a style that does not flatter you? Is your present weight holding you back from taking the first step toward your new style?

Dawn reveals how to embrace and celebrate your true self through your personal style. You'll understand what it means to make a great first impression from the moment you walk into a room--and you'll put aside the self-defeating habits now holding you back from personal success. Creating your signature style is a step-by-step process that begins at your very core, and extends through every facet of your heart, mind, and body to show off your very best asset: you.

As an image advisor and branding specialist, author and co-author, Dawn is dedicated to improving personal credibility and overall influence, both personally and professionally. Dawn is a Certified Image Consultant, member of the Association of Image Consulting International and the President of the Chicago Chapter, Member of the National Speaking Association, VIP member of the National Association of Professional Women, Board member of the Minneapolis Women’s Rotary, member of The Woman’s Club of Minneapolis and 2014 Judge for the Aquatennial Queen of Lakes. Visit her website at www.dawnstebbing.com 

Reality-Based Leadership: Ditch the Drama, Restore Sanity to the Workplace, and Turn Excuses into Results by Cy Wakeman                   

Recent Gallup polls show that approximately 70% of workers think about quitting their jobs every day. That number would be shocking—if people actually were quitting. Worse, they go to work, punching time clocks and collecting pay checks, while completely checked out emotionally and mentally. InReality-Based Leadership, expert Fast Company blogger Cy Wakeman reveals how to be the kind of leader who changes the way people think about and perceive their circumstances—one who deals with the facts, clarifies roles, gives clear and direct feedback, and insists that everyone do the same. Reality-Based Leaders quickly recognize and accept the reality of their situation, and efficiently channel their (and others’) energy toward optimizing results. They learn to anticipate changes and capitalize on them as opportunities—without drama or defensiveness.

Cy Wakeman is a dynamic, well-respected national keynote speaker, workshop facilitator and trainer. Her hard-hitting philosophy, Reality-Based Leadership has helped many groups and organizations break through their reasons, stories and excuses to develop innovative solutions to long-standing issues.www.cywakeman.com.   

Make Unstoppable Simple by Dina Simon                                   

Being unstoppable doesn’t mean you are never blocked or stuck on your way through life. It means you need to figure out how to break through life’s obstacles and fully live your journey. That’s the essence of Make Unstoppable Simple.  

Dina Simon shows readers a creative way to problem-solve, learn to see road blocks or people with a different lens, and figure out how to move your life forward.  Many people unnecessarily suffer in silence, letting fear or panic stop them in their tracks.  The fear of failure or of having to admit you need help doesn’t need to end your dreams.  People will line up to help you if you tell them what you need and how they can help you!

Dina serves as the CEO of Simon Says Lead, a consulting firm that is designated as a “benefit corporation” supporting her daughter Mandi’s nonprofit, Simon Says Give®.  Together they work with talent of all ages effectively demystifying the generational gap.  Dina and Mandi help grow the next generation of leaders by providing the opportunity for children to develop essential life skills and a passion for giving back.

The 11 Laws of Likability: Relationship Networking . . . Because People Do Business with People They Like by Michelle Tellis Lederman              

We all know that networking is important, and that forming relationships with others is a vital part of success. But sometimes it seems like networking removes all emotions from the equation and focuses only on immediate goals…whereas the kind of relationships that have true staying power, give us joy, and support us in the long run are founded on simply liking each other.

This book, featuring activities, self-assessment quizzes, and real-life anecdotes from professional and social settings, shows readers how to identify what’s likable in themselves and create honest, authentic interactions that become “wins” for all parties involved. 

Michelle is the founder of Executive Essentials, a training company that provides communications and leadership programs, as well as executive coaching services. She has delivered seminars internationally for fortune 500 companies, universities, high schools, and non profit organizations. She received her BS, Summa Cum Laude, in Accounting and Communications from Lehigh University, her MBA, with honors, from Columbia Business School, and her coaching certification from the Institute for Professional Empowerment Coaching and is accredited by the International Coaching Federation.  

The Happy Hour Effect: Twelve Secrets to Minimize Stress and Maximize Life       by Kristen Brown                                              

Kristen’s voice is inspiring, motivating, witty, funny and down to earth and her book provides specific and actionable steps to stress less now. It isn’t hard. It isn’t confusing. It’s a straightforward, simple, fun approach to stress relief and so much more.

Each chapter includes inspiring quotes, the timing to implement each secret, the level of effort it will take, the expected results and QR codes and links to

supporting materials online that will make the chapter come to life for the reader.

Kristen Brown is an NSA Speaker, 2-time Bestselling Author, Workplace Culture expert and Widow Mom who helps people spin stress into success with her Happy Hour Effect philosophy. She has been seen on over 125 media outlets including Live with Kelly & Michael, Inc. magazine, Psychology Today and many more and she is a contributor to The Huffington Post, LinkedIn and Dr. Oz’s Sharecare site.  Kristen spent 15 years in leadership positions in corporate America before starting her own business, Happy Hour Effect LLC, in 2009. She lives with her daughter in Minneapolis and will do just about anything for bacon.      

What Works for Women at Work: Four Patterns Working Women Need to Know       by Joan C. Williams                                                   

Based on decades of laboratory research on gender bias, Joan has taken this research out of the classroom and tested it against conversations with highly successful career women which pinpoints the four ways office politics are trickier for women than men, and even trickier for women of color. 

Joan describes the four patterns as women that have to prove themselves over and over (“Prove-It-Again!”); women have to navigate a fine line between being too masculine and too feminine (“Tightrope”); women that have children just compound both those problems (“Maternal Wall”); and gender bias against women often fuels conflicts among women (“Tug of War”). Fortunately, this book provides specific strategies highly successful women have used to navigate workplaces shaped by subtle bias.

Joan C. Williams has played a central role in reshaping the debates over women’s advancement for the past quarter-century. Described as having “something approaching rock star status” by The New York Times, she is Hastings Foundation Chair and Director of the Center for WorkLife Law at University of California (Hastings). You can follow her on Twitter @JoanCWilliams and her Huffington Post blog.

Less Stress Business: A Guide for Hiring, Coaching, and Leading Great Employees    by Jamie Sussel Turner                                      

When asked to rate the stress they experience around managing people, on a scale of 1-10 (with 10 being maxed out stress), many business owners, managers, and executives rate themselves at a 9 or 10. There is a high cost to all of this stress both in workplace tension, personal health, and a lack of work/life balance. 

Jamie Sussel Turner helps readers look beyond blaming their employees when things don’t go well to getting to the heart of the leadership issues that fuel their stress. With engaging anecdotes, drawn from Sussel Turner’s coaching practice, and clear strategies drawn from her leadership experience, Less Stress Business helps readers lead in new ways so they reduce their stress and lead with more clarity and calm than they ever imagined was possible. 

Jamie Sussel Turner M.Ed is an author, coach, workshop facilitator and speaker. She earned dual masters degrees in educational leadership and elementary education, and her leadership approach has been featured in journals and newspaper articles including The New York Times.

The 10-Minute Leadership Challenge by Margaret B. Smith          

Become the leader you KNOW you can be, ten minutes at a time. In the 10 Minute Leadership Challenge, career coach Margaret Smith uses her thirty years of leadership and managerial experience to constructively guide and motivate you to achieve your full leadership potential.

You’ll discover the answers to the following questions:  • Are you facing new and challenging responsibilities?   • Does it seem like no one is taking notice of your specialized set of skills and talents?   • Are you ready to take the leap and “lean in” to your career and show those around you what you have to offer?   • Are you looking for ways to differentiate yourself and stand out as an exceptional leader? 

Margaret B. Smith is the founder of UXL, a career coaching firm specializing in personal and professional development. She spent many years in corporate business leadership positions, works with several non-profit organizations, and teaches at University of Saint Catherine. Learn more about Margaret and contact her through her website: www.youexcelnow.com. 

12 Ways to Be a Confident Speaker by Diane Windingland         

Confidence can't be bought or sold, but it is a skill that can be learned. This easy-to-read, short book gives you both the mindset and the practical steps you can take to look and feel more confident when speaking, even if you have a speech tomorrow! You will learn how to focus on the audience, reduce your use of notes, speak with power and purpose and more!

Author of several books on communication skills, Diane Windingland speaks for organizations that want to help their people have better, more profitable conversations and presentations.  An engineer by training, Diane has owned several small businesses and has trained business owners and other professionals on how to become better networkers, better conversationalists and better presenters.  As a member of Toastmasters International, she has achieved the organization's highest educational award for public speaking and leadership, Distinguished Toastmaster.

Websites:  SmallTalkBigResults.com and VirtualSpeechCoach.com 

Fun with Visualization: A Simple and Quick Way to Skyrocket Your Success              by Starr Pilmore                                             

Goal-Setting has never been so much fun! Fun With Visualization is an easy systematic approach that unleashes the power of visualization and feelings to create and sky rocket your dreams. The program is easy to understand and simple to implement making it perfect for the goal-oriented person wanting to excel quickly, easily, with little effort. Easy to follow steps and interactive daily exercises make it fun and enjoyable.

Starr Pilmore is founder of Lightning Starr LLC, a company dedicated to promoting and maximizing goal attainment. By sharing her unique gift of creating fun environments and her talent to simplify complex concepts into easy to understand processes, Starr empowers others to live their highest dreams. 

Her unique style has inspired audiences worldwide. Participants leave empowered to take the action needed to improve their personal and professional lives.

 Leadership Energy: Unlocking The Secrets To Your Success by Dr. Cheryl Leitschuh                                                                                        

Do you lack confidence in your ability to be an effective leader? Do you struggle with how to better connect with and motivate others? Are you a leader who wants to learn new tools to expand your perspective beyond traditional leadership information? Then this book is for you!

Stephanie and Daniel are two mid-level managers who have advanced in their leadership careers but have hit a plateau. Each has their own challenges and questions as to why this has happened and what they can do. Follow their stories as they use The Leadership Energy Model, with effective tools to shift leadership plateaus for greater success.

Dr. Cheryl Leitschuh is a Leadership Energy Consultant.  She works to inspire individuals and organizations to reach their aspirations using the right tools at the right time! With a doctorate in psychology and 25 years of experience, Cheryl brings a unique understanding to the needs and strategies for targeted leadership results.  When working with individuals, her typical engagements include developing key leaders and managers, enhancing talent development, developing focus in vision and implementing this vision both personally and professionally.   Learn more at www.TheLeadershipEnergy.com 

 Nice Girls Don't Get the Corner Office: 101 Unconscious Mistakes Women Make That Sabotage Their Careers (A NICE GIRLS Book) by Dr. Lois Frankel       

Before Sheryl Sandberg told you to “lean in” Dr. Lois Frankel told you how to make your way to the corner office – or any other office you want for that matter.  This New York Times bestseller, which for 10 years has been a must-have for women in business, is now completely revised and updated.

In the new edition, titled Nice Girls STILL Don’t Get the Corner Office, Frankel, an internationally recognized consultant and executive coach, reveals a distinctive set of behaviors—over 130 in all—that women learn in girlhood that ultimately sabotage them as adults. She teaches you how to eliminate the unconscious mistakes that could be holding you back and offers invaluable coaching tips that can easily be put to immediate use. The results for hundreds of thousands of women have been career opportunities they never thought possible—at every stage of their career, from entry-level to the corner office!

Dr. Lois P. Frankel, President of Corporate Coaching International, is a bestselling author, executive coach, and an internationally-recognized expert in the field of leadership development for women. Her experience working with clients like Amgen, Northrop Grumman, Walt Disney, BP, and many other corporate giants provides her with a depth and breadth of knowledge about what it really takes to get and keep the job you want.  

 Fundamentally Female by Renee Rongen                                       

Fundamentally Female is a feast of quips and quotes, provocative vignettes, and tender stories that spans the gamut of the female experience. It is a global collaboration by, for, and about women wrapped in delicious, unique artwork providing texture and color that brings each word to life, created by artists from around the world.  Covering many topics, each piece is written to a specific word and enveloped in eclectic artwork that represents each fundamental word describing elements of a female.

Reneé is an award-winning entrepreneur, international speaker, author and friend to many.  She is the Spokesperson for the Pay It Forward Foundation and contributes 25% of Fundamentally Female book proceeds to domestic violence shelters across the country.  Since 1990, Renee has delivered humorous, powerful, life-changing messages, encouraging her audiences to use their unique gifts to make positive differences in their world. 

Why You Didn't Get the Job!: Ten Steps for Success In Business - A Woman's Guide to Navigating Her Way to the Top by Diane Cashin              

According to a Catalyst Statistics 2013 study, women currently hold 4 percent of Fortune 500 companies CEO position. President & CEO of True North Enterprises, Diane Cashin, illustrates her strategies for success based on her 30 years of leadership with some of America’s biggest companies in her new book. 

“The goal is to propel women as far and as fast as possible, providing them with practical, no-nonsense advice they can use instantly,” Cashin said. “For those who want to be leaders, my book helps them to look within themselves and amplify their best qualities.”

With decades of experience as a business strategist and executive transformation coach, Cashin details how the journey to the executive suite does not have to be a struggle. As the President and CEO of True North Enterprise, Cashin features her talents of self-awareness, honesty, empowerment and velocity that helped her to accelerate into an executive position.

Link Out: How to Turn Your Network into a Chain of Lasting Connections           by Leslie Grossman  [Click Here to Listen to Leslie Grossman’s Interview.]                                                        

In today’s competitive market, the typical ways of networking don’t serve the purpose of building strong, long-term connections. You have to build
collaborative relationships that are memorable and influence others to help you in achieving your goals.

Link Out is filled with strategies that can turn strangers into connections that can change your career or business. This step-by-step process will help you to build a supportive entourage of people who share advice and resources, connect you with the right people, and show you how to stay ahead of the curve. 

Leslie Grossman is a leadership and business/career development expert, speaker, trainer and author.  She co-founded the Women’s Leadership Exchange, a national conference program for women entrepreneurs in 2002.  Visit www.lesliegrossmanleadership.com for information, to read Grossman’s leadership blog and to sign up for her resource-filled newsletter.


Mean Girls at Work: How to Stay Professional When Things Get Personal                  by Katherine Crowley and Kathi Elster                                       

Women-to-women relationships in the workplace are . . . complicated. When they’re good, they’re great. But when they’re bad, they can ruin your day, your week—even your year.

Packed with proven advice from two of today’s leading experts in workplace relationships, this one-of-a-kind guide gives women the tools they need to navigate difficult situations unique to women-to-women relationships—whether with a boss, a colleague, a client, or an employee.

Katherine Crowley and Kathi Elster create the yin and yang of their company, K Squared Enterprises. Since 1989, they’ve combined their complementary expertise to develop a unique method for dealing with difficult people and challenging conditions at work. Their inside-out approach transforms the way businesses uncover and resolve their greatest interpersonal dilemmas.

Katherine is a Harvard-trained psychotherapist. Her expertise concerns the inside of business; the psychological and interpersonal challenges involved with people working together. Katherine helps individuals overcome their emotional obstacles to success.

The Reality-Based Rules of the Workplace: Know What Boosts Your Value, Kills Your Chances, and Will Make You Happier Cy Wakeman                    

More than anything else, you need to understand exactly how your employer evaluates you, and your annual performance review doesn't tell the whole story. In The Reality-Based Rules of the Workplace, Cy Wakeman shows how to calculate your true value to your organization by understanding your current and future potential against your "emotional expense"—the toll your actions and attitudes take on the people around you. 

The Reality-Based Rules of the Workplace is the essential guide for boosting your value, owning your career, and becoming the kind of employee no organization can afford to lose.

Cy Wakeman is a dynamic national keynote speaker, executive coach, entrepreneur and leadership thought leader. Her innovative yet practical approach to leadership has helped transform leaders and their organizations. Cy teaches audiences and leaders how to identify common limitations, quantify the cost of poor leadership and workplace drama and create a new mindset to achieve results beyond their wildest dreams. 

Earn What You're Worth : A Widly Sophisticated Approach to Investing In Your Career-and Yourself by Nicole Williams                                   

You already know you're worth way more than you earn.  So what's standing in your way of financial and career success?  Earn What You're Worth shows working women how to up their earning power--by using their unique skills and abilities to build a rewarding, lucrative career.     

Crammed with useful information, uncommon advise, inspiring stories and insider secrets to success, this book will motivate you to invest in the most important stock of all – yourself! 

The company she founded, WORKS by Nicole Williams, is the go-to resource for career-minded young women and was named one of Forbes magazine's Top 10 Career Websites for Women. You’ve seen her on TV— as a regular guest on Today, Good Morning America, and CNN—and in print, where her advice has appeared on the pages of ELLE, Cosmopolitan, Glamour, Marie Claire and the Wall Street Journal. 

The Line by Barbara Stoker                                               

Operating above 'The Line' increases the quality of your interactions as an individual and a team. It ensures your actions are aligned with your vision and goals. You'll explore how your 'old story' is holding you back from achieving your vision and goals. 

This book, written by Barbara Stoker, is a follow up to her other books on Positive Risks and IntelligentRisking. 'The Line' focuses on leadership and will increase the quality of your thinking to increase your viable optoins. 

Barbara Stoker is the founder and president of IntelligentRisking, Inc., a consulting firm that focuses on leadership, strategic thinking and risk taking. She’s a former executive for Disney, Hallmark, Mattel and Coors. Today, Barbara speaks, consults and writes Intelligent Risking & Strategic Thinking.

Building Career Equity by Jan Torrisi-Mokwa                                

Is your career advancing “on purpose” or accident? Within every professional there is an aspiration to learn, grow and contribute. The question is how they are using unique vision, knowledge and relationships to build a career of significance. A practical path to build richer career experiences, meaningful relationships and exceptional rewards awaits us all!

With more than two decades of experience advising the nation’s top professionals and leaders on achieving desired personal and business results, Jan Torrisi-Mokwa authors “Building Career Equity” to educate professionals on how to create and implement a step-by-step plan to achieve career goals faster and with a greater sense of purpose.

Jan founded Congruence, Inc., a Leadership Advisory Firm, in 2002 to help leaders develop organizations that empower people to achieve significant results.  With a M.A. in Industrial and Organizational Psychology and a B.A. in Pscychology, Jan is uniquely qualified to help leaders define and advance their most important goals.    

Oil for Your Lamp by BJ Gallagher                                   Registration Closed

Mother Teresa said, "To keep a lamp burning, we have to keep putting oil in it." Most women are so busy filling the lamps of the people they love that they let their own lamps run low. They spend so much time and energy taking care of their children, husbands, aging parents, friends, neighbors, bosses, coworkers, and others, that they often neglect themselves.

BJ reveals how to help us acknowledge this problem and understand the reasons for it.  She offers solutions such as the value of doing nothing, how to play again, how to become more inner-directed, and most important, how to ask for help.

BJ Gallagher is an inspirational author, speaker, and storyteller.  Her books, keynote speeches, and workshops are designed to educate, entertain, and enlighten people – consistently focusing on the “power of positive doing.”  She has written two dozen books, including an international best-seller, A Peacock in the Land of Penguins, now published in 23 languages worldwide.  To find out more about BJ, her books, and her speaking topics, visit her at: www.bjgallagher.com.

Breakdown, Breakthrough: The Professional Woman's Guide to Claiming a Life of Passion, Power, and Purpose by Kathy Caprino                      Registration Closed

More and more women who are outwardly "successful" in their professions have awakened to the realization that their work is no longer positive, meaningful, or productive in their lives. Kathy Caprino's book sheds light on this growing epidemic of dis-empowerment that professional women face and offers a way out.

To help these women in crisis, "Breakdown, Breakthrough" begins where other coaching and self-help books leave off. Using a comprehensive therapeutic, coaching, behavioral and spiritual framework, it looks at the traits, characteristics, and patterns that contribute to these dis-empowerment syndromes, and it explains how women can navigate successfully through these crises.

Kathy Caprino, M.S. is a nationally-recognized women's career coach and work-life expert, executive trainer, writer and speaker dedicated to the advancement of women in business.  Author of Breakdown, Breakthrough, and Founder of The Amazing Career Project, Kathy is President of Ellia Communications, Inc. -- a leading career and executive coaching and training firm helping professional women build successful and fulfilling careers of significance, and reach their highest potential.  A former corporate marketing VP, trained marriage and family therapist, and seasoned coach, Kathy is a Forbes, Huffington Post and AARP contributor and top media source on career issues and trends, and has appeared in over 100 leading newspapers and magazines and on national radio and television.  For more information, visit http://www.elliacommunications.com/ Connect with Kathy on: Twitter, FB, LinkedIn.

The 20-Minute Networking Meeting by Marcia Ballinger                   

Already used and respected by Fortune 500 leaders, The 20-Minute Networking Meeting is full of straightforward networking advice that gives the reader insight into "the invisible job market"-where nearly all executive jobs are found-and helps garner the deserved respect of contacts. 

Built on the premises of brevity and positivity, The 20-Minute Networking Meeting is packed with real-world scenarios, short stories, meeting examples, and dozens of tips and observations from two hiring authorities/executive recruitment experts. From the quick and thorough explanation of how networking works, to a full demonstration of the model in action, The 20-Minute Networking Meeting is rounded out with a complete set of readiness worksheets to take you, step-by-step, through your networking preparation. This powerful networking model is designed for executives in transition, and anyone else who knows that widening a professional network-and the opportunities existing therein-is a key to your success.  

Marcia Ballinger is a partner at KeyStone Search, a prominent executive search firm located in Minneapolis.  She conducts executive search projects for top executives in the manufacturing and distribution, business services and not-for-profit sectors. A frequent presenter to groups of executives in transition, Marcia is know as a no-nonsense representative of the executive search industry. 

How to Create Your Own Luck: The "You Never Know" Approach to Networking, Taking Chances, and Opening Yourself to Opportunity by Susan RoAne                                

Networking guru Susan RoAne shows readers how to exploit chance to create a bigger network of contacts, friends, and acquaintances - the key to new life opportunities.  In How to Create Your Own Luck, she reveals the eight traits of successful people who make their own luck, rather than wait for it.  Filled with engaging and instructive stories of real people who've turned serendipity into success, her book focuses on the eight counter-intuitive traits that they all have in common, including talking to strangers, making small talk, dropping names, and even eavesdropping.  This handy, real-world guide reveals the practical ways that anyone can create their own luck - opening up new opportunities in every aspect of life.

Susan RoAne, known as "The Mingling Maven," leads a double life as a bestselling author and sought-after keynote speaker. She gives multi-generational audiences the required tools, techniques and strategies they need to connect and communicate in today's global business world.  Her practical, informative, and interactive presentations are known for what The San Francisco Chronicle calls her "dynamite sense of humor."  www.susanroane.com

The Discreet Guide for Executive Women: How to Work Well with Men (and Other Difficulties) by Jennifer Crittenden                                          

Inspired to extend a helping hand to ambitious women working in corporate America, a veteran executive offers honest, practical, slightly irreverent advice about navigating companies that are run and populated predominately by men: how to interpret their sometimes surprising behavior, avoid common mistakes, flourish with the good guys, deal with the bad guys, and nurture a wonderful, satisfying career in a non-traditional role

Jennifer states about The Discreet Guide, "This book is my way to reach women whom I haven't had the privilege of meeting, in an attempt to make their corporate experience lighter and brighter. As each of us become more comfortable and confident working in a man's world, we pave the way for the women who come after us. I am passionate about improving the success rates of women in corporate America, not only to increase the number of women in senior leadership roles, but to make the work life for each one a little happier. If I can help one, just one fainting sparrow, this book will be a success."  

Reality-Based Leadership: Ditch the Drama, Restore Sanity to the Workplace, and Turn Excuses into Results
 by Cy Wakeman                              

Recent Gallup polls show that approximately 70% of workers think about quitting their jobs every day. That number would be shocking—if people actually were quitting. Worse, they go to work, punching time clocks and collecting pay checks, while completely checked out emotionally and mentally. In Reality-Based Leadership, expert Fast Company blogger Cy Wakeman reveals how to be the kind of leader who changes the way people think about and perceive their circumstances—one who deals with the facts, clarifies roles, gives clear and direct feedback, and insists that everyone do the same. Reality-Based Leaders quickly recognize and accept the reality of their situation, and efficiently channel their (and others’) energy toward optimizing results. They learn to anticipate changes and capitalize on them as opportunities—without drama or defensiveness.

Cy Wakeman is a dynamic, well-respected national keynote speaker, workshop facilitator and trainer. Her hard-hitting philosophy, Reality-Based Leadership has helped many groups and organizations break through their reasons, stories and excuses to develop innovative solutions to long-standing issues. www.cywakeman.com.    

The Unstoppable Business Woman: A no-nonsense approach to accelerating your business and creating extraordinary results (Volume 1)  by Liz Wendling                                                                                                                      

From the novice to the seasoned professional, you will learn new methods and concepts to consistently generate new business and learn the keys to accelerate long-lasting business prosperity.  This book empowers you to break free from the old ways of thinking and doing and transform into an unstoppable business woman.  Liz Wendling reveals the top sales strategies she discovered, refined and applied when building her own business. This powerful book is filled with information you will need to fully understand the dynamics driving your mindset in your business.

This powerful book is filled with formation you will need to fully understand the dynamics driving your mindset in your business. You will learn how to: -Develop a successful attitude, master the thinking habits of successful women, and harness their powers of discipline and dedication. -Decrease your fear and anxiety around selling and boost confidence, eliminate stress, and become more action oriented. -Define your goals and role in your business and create spectacular results. -Position yourself and your business as the obvious choice to buy from and stand out from your competition. Liz reveals the top strategies she discovered, refined and applied when building her own business.


No Walls, No Ceilings: What women haven’t been told about leadership from career-start to the corporate boardroom by Susan Colantuono             

With the right leadership skills, the highest levels of career success are well within your reach. But much that you've been told about leadership is outdated, incomplete and ineffective. If you listen to conventional wisdom about the career success equation, it will fail you because of the missing 33%.  No Ceiling, No Walls takes a fresh, unblinking look at leadership. It identifies the vital missing piece of the leadership equation, describing the “why” and “what” of leadership with specific, actionable information not found anywhere else.

Susan L. Colantuono is the CEO & Founder of Leading Women and the founder of the Women’s Institute for Leadership at Bryant University. A renowned expert on leadership, an in-demand speaker and recognized by Providence Business News’ as Mentor and Ally for Business Women, Susan has now extended her mentorship to women everywhere with No Ceiling, No Walls: What women haven’t been told about leadership from career-start to the corporate boardroom. 

No Excuses: 9 Ways Women Can Change How We Think about Power                      by Gloria Feldt                                                              

Gloria Feldt asserts that that nobody is keeping women from parity—except themselves. Combining extensive research, her personal experience as former CEO and president of the Planned Parenthood Federation, and interviews with dozens of women politicians, business owners, and activists, Feldt concludes that the doors of opportunity are wide open; however, too few women are leading the way to claim their power and reach parity with their male counterparts. 

Gloria Feldt is a nationally renowned activist and author, whose passion for social justice has propelled her life’s work. Her new book, No Excuses: 9 Ways Women Can Change How We Think About Power (Seal Press, 2010), reveals why women are stuck at 18% of top leadership roles and shows how women can redefine power, lead themselves with intention, and reach parity from the boardroom to the bedroom. Feldt’s previous books include the New York Times bestseller Send Yourself Roses, co-authored with actress Kathleen Turner, Behind Every Choice Is a Story, and The War on Choice.


The Male Factor: The Unwritten Rules, Misperceptions, and Secret Beliefs of Men in the Workplace   by Shaunti Feldhahn                          

Millions of women gained eye-opening insights about the inner lives of men through Shaunti Feldhahn’s best-selling book For Women Only. Now with The Male Factor, Feldhahn brings her innovative research approach to the workplace to help women understand their male colleagues. Based on a nationwide survey and confidential interviews with thousands of men whose anonymity was guaranteed, her book reveals the private thoughts and attitudes that men rarely disclose but every woman needs to know. 

Never before has an author gotten inside the hearts and minds of men in the workplace—from CEOs to nonprofit managers, from lawyers to factory workers—to discover what they commonly think about women on the job, what their expected “rules” of the workplace are, what “managing emotion” means, and what factors improve or harm a man’s respect for a female co-worker.  

Shaunti’s findings are equally eye-opening in personal relationships; her books, such as For Women Only: What You Need to Know About the Inner Lives of Men, have sold 2 million copies in 20 languages.  Currently consulting and speaking globally for women leadership audiences, Shaunti has appeared on media outlets as diverse as The Today Show, CNN, Fox, PBS, and Soap Talk. 

Regina's insights: Looking for a unique roadmap on how to interact more effectively with your male colleagues? Shaunti shares this and more! This is a must-have handbook for any woman that wants to successfully navigate the workplace. Learn more about Shaunti at For more information, visit www.HumanFactorRecources.com.

Small Talk, Big Results: Chit Chat Your Way to Success!          
by Diane Windingland

Small talk isn't rocket science! It is a learned skill that can be greatly improved with practice.  And, like many skills, the better you get at it, the more fun it is and the more fun it is, the better you get at it.  Diane will discuss simple tips and techniques that turn small talk into big results!  

Diane speaks for organizations that want to help their people have better, more profitable conversations. An engineer by training, Diane has owned several small businesses and has trained business owners on how to become better networkers, better conversationalists and better presenters. She is launching a new business this winter, Virtual Speech Coach, to help emerging business and political leaders develop memorable content and dynamic delivery to more effectively present their messages. In addition to speaking engagements and private clients, Diane teaches a weekly speech class for home-educated teens.

Regina's insights: Read a few pages at a time or read it all in one sitting. Either way you will walk away with some nuggets that you can immediately put into practice. So if you're interested in finding out how you can put your small talk to work for you, then this is a must-read book! Learn more about Diane at www.smalltalkbigresults.com.


Navigating Through Now What by Karen Kodzik                          

Statistics suggest that the majority of people will ask themselves at some point in their career “now what?” They will find themselves at a critical crossroad or decision point in their career more than once. Navigating through Now What illustrates that these crossroads are a common part of the human experience and by understanding yourself and your options these crossroads don’t need to come as a surprise or be approached fearfully.

Karen is a master’s level career counselor, HR and management consultant. As President and Owner of Cultivating Careers, she has helped hundreds of professionals facing difficult career decisions move forward and realize rewarding careers. In addition to her private practice, she is a highly sought after speaker, and source to the Twin Cities media on career management, employment and job search related topics.

Regina's insights: This is a quick and engaging read where readers will identify with the stories based on real life scenarios and see how various career crossroads were approached and navigated. Readers will come away comforted knowing that the painstaking career decisions they face are faced by many and they will feel empowered by the tools outlined to help them move through any career crossroad with confidence. Learn more about Karen at Cultivating Careers.

The Power of Civility coauthored by Laura Barclay 

What if you had the tools you needed to boost your social intelligence and build your cultural competence? What if you had the confidence and poise to go anywhere and be welcomed as a caring and considerate citizen of the world? That’s the power of civility! The Power of Civility offers thought-provoking perspectives on what civility really means, as well as practical solutions for incorporating civility best practices into your work and life. In this comprehensive book, eighteen top civility and etiquette professionals go beyond the typical "please and thank you" conversations about civility and challenge you to think about your personal standards, accountability, values, and what it means to be committed to choosing civility, whether at home, at work, in your community, or in public.

Laura Barclay is President and Founder of the Minneapolis Civility & Etiquette Centre, LLC, the leading civility, etiquette, and protocol training company in the Midwest. She is also the founder of the Minnesota Civility Consortium. Laura provides guidance in navigating the nuances of communication, building relationships, and creating positive interactions in organizations, schools, and families. Laura is a sought after consultant, speaker, and expert. She has been featured on television, radio, and quoted in numerous newspapers and magazines. She is co-author of The Power of Civility, released in May 2011. With a Masters degree in Management and Organizational Sociology, and experience in a variety of industries, Laura is uniquely qualified to address civility and etiquette in our communities.

Regina’s insights: Laura was a featured expert on our 2011 Women at the Top® Virtual Leadership Conference: Re-Energize Your Career where she discussed The Power of Leadership Civility. Laura’s passion for this topic is clear. This is an interview you won’t want to miss! Learn more about Laura at www.civilitycentre.com.


Passion...Who Needs It?: A practical, action-oriented exploration of passion and purpose, and steps you can take if your inner fire has burned itself out by Shaunice Hawkins

It's painful to come to the realization that your passion has 'gone missing'. Without a clear understanding of the factors involved and the changes that may have occurred in your life, you can't take action to regain what you've lost. Passion...Who Needs It? is not about finding your passion. This book focuses on giving you a new perspective on passion, one that you can use in a practical, productive way. It is designed to be an action-oriented exploration of who you are and how insights about yourself can help you get back on track to wherever you would like to go. Page by page, you'll find equal measures of instruction, advice, coaching and motivation to help you reconnect with the idealistic, bright-eyed person you were when you first started out.

Shaunice Hawkins is a strategist, playmaker, consultant and thought-leader. In addition, she is principal at Evolutions Consulting LLC, a strategic management consulting boutique. Nationally recognized as a "dynamic achiever" throughout her 20+ year, multi-industry career, her expertise encompasses business management, marketing and promotions, branding and social currency management, strategic planning, diversity and inclusion, and human capital management.

Regina’s insights: Shaunice is passionate about helping others recapture their inner fire. Shaunice was a featured expert on the 2011 Women at the Top® Re-Energize Your Career virtual leadership conference where she spoke about “Getting Out of Your Own Way.”  Shaunice will provide a practical, action-oriented exploration of passion and purpose, and steps you can take if your inner fire has burned itself out. Learn more about Shaunice at www.shaunicehawkins.com.

Nice Girls Just Don't Get It: 99 Ways to Win the Respect You Deserve, the Success You've Earned, and the Life You Want 
by Lois P. Frankel, PhD. and Carol Frohlinger, J.D. 

Carol Frohlinger, J.D., is a cofounder of Negotiating Women, Inc., an advisory firm committed to helping organizations to advance women
into leadership positions and women to negotiate more confidently and competently in all aspects of their lives. She is the coauthor of Her Place at the Table: A Woman’s Guide to Negotiating Five Key Challenges to Leadership Success. Ms. Frohlinger's advice has been featured by CBS MoneyWatch, NPR, Martha Stewart Living Radio, Newsday, Cosmopolitan magazine, and the New York Times, among other mainstream media.

An internationally recognized speaker, Ms. Frohlinger combines humor and practical advice that inspires women to use the power of positive relationships to get to yes. Her experience as a practicing attorney enables Ms. Frohlinger to illuminate potential pitfalls in sticky life situations and ways to avoid them. JPMorgan Chase, Microsoft, the National Association of Women Lawyers, Pricewaterhouse Coopers, the Principal Financial Group, and Women in Cable Telecommunications are just a few of the organizations and professional associations to which Ms. Frohlinger has spoken, many of them calling upon her time and again to share her wisdom with employees, clients, and members. Ms. Frohlinger also volunteers time to many worthy causes, among them the InterOrganizational Network (ION), an organization that focuses on increasing the number of women on the boards of America’s publicly held companies. She lives in New York City with her husband and is the proud parent of a daughter and son.

C-Sweets: Desserts from the Executive Suite by Dia Satori

Dia will “dish” about the collection of recipes gathered from the kitchens of 50 women leaders. She’ll not only share some of their dessert recipes but provide you with a glimpse into their lives and traditions from the kitchen to the boardroom.

Dia Satori has extensive corporate and entrepreneurial experience focused on strategic development, values alignment and identification of creativity and risk factors that influence innovation and change. Her current entrepreneurial endeavor is Strategic Dreaming, Inc. a media and publishing company. She has worked in various medical device companies and was cofounder of a multicultural media company. She graduated from Augsburg College with a B.A. in Communications and is completing her Masters of Arts in Leadership.

Regina’s insights: Dia Satori has reinvented herself numerous times in her thirty-year business career. With her C-Sweets book launch under way, Dia is already fast at work on her next book. There’s no stopping her! Learn more at www.strategicdreaming.com.

S.K.I.R.T.S in the Boardroom: A Woman's Survival Guide to Success in Business and Life by Marshawn Evans

Marshawn Evans will help you learn how to be the boss in a man's world by becoming the C-E-O of Y-O-U! Marshawn will provide practical, motivational and inspirational strategies to help you attain unlimited professional success.

S.K.I.R.T.S. in the Boardroom provides tools and strategies to help you:

  • Exhibit confidence and compassion/style/substance for professional success 
  • Develop the six qualities necessary to maximize your potential in business and in life
  • Take your career to the next level without forcing yourself to fit into a masculine mold

As one of the nation's leading experts on the art of maximizing potential, Reinvention Strategist, Entrepreneur and Entertainment Attorney, Marshawn Evans is Founder of ME Unlimited®, a corporate life-enrichment consulting firm focusing on reinvention, diversity, innovative leadership and peak performance strategies.

Regina’s insights: Marshawn is a power broker who knows how to make things happen. A former participant on Donald Trump's Apprentice, she will provide business-boosting insight on such topics as developing a purpose-driven career, personal branding, strategic information sharing, and much more! For more information visit: www.marshawnevans.com.

Necessary Roughness: New Rules for the Contact Sport of Life by Mimi Donaldson 

Every day, over and over again, in relationships and in the workplace, we make choices. How much risk do we take? To what extent do we play it safe? How do we know when to punt, when to pass, and when to power through? Necessary roughness is expected. We need to talk straight, stand our ground, say no, and negotiate everything.

Necessary Roughness provides tools and strategies to:

  • Choose the right game plan
  • Communicate it effectively
  • Execute your plays
  • Control the clock and win the game

For more than two decades, renowned speaker, trainer and unabashed football fan, Mimi Donaldson has been inspiring success. From business strategy to a better understanding of men and relationships, Mimi Donaldson’s laugh-out-loud football metaphor, Necessary Roughness, covers it all.

Regina’s insights: I have had the pleasure of hearing Mimi speak in-person on several occasions. She will not only inspire you but she is certain to make you laugh. Her advice is always practical and you are sure to walk away with ideas you can use. For more information visit: www.mimispeaks.com.

You Unstuck: Mastering the New Rules of Risk-Taking in Work And Life by Libby Gill.

Are you in a rut? Is your gut reaction to change a negative response? Then join Regina Barr as she interviews Libby Gill, author of You Unstuck: Mastering the New Rules of Risk-Taking in Work and Life.

You will learn:
  • A simple 3-step process to get unstuck
  • How to move from avoidance-to-advancing on the "risk continuum"
  • The impact that stress and fear have on being stuck

During our call, Libby Gill will help you understand the way you look at risk-taking so you can start moving past your fears and excuses toward success. This call will provide you with powerful tools if you know you need to change but don't know how.

Regina’s insights: Libby participated in the Women at the Top™ virtual leadership conference, Amplify Your Success where she spoke about Five Ways to Hold Yourself Accountable. Libby will give you hope and tools, backed with science, to get you past your sticking points. For more information visit www.libbygill.com.

COMMUNICATE THAT! Your Toolbox for Powerful Presentations
by Roshini Rajkumar.

In COMMUNICATE THAT!, Roshini packages her message inside a Communication Toolbox that is witty, easy-to-read, and delivers a straight-forward approach to creating powerful presentations that will build credibility, earn respect, and boost your earning power. Roshini's compelling message draws from a quarter century of public speaking; a career in television news, radio broadcasting, commercial acting; and executive coaching. Her mission? To help her readers acquire the tools for communication success.

Regina’s insights: Roshini participated in the Women at the Top™ virtual leadership conference, Amplify Your Success where she discussed vocal power. Roshini will share proven strategies to enhance your career success by perfecting your communication skills. For more information on Roshini, visit www.communicatethatbook.com.

Devotions for Working Women: A Daily Inspiration to Live a Successful and Balanced Life by Marcia Malzahn.

As a successful working woman, Marcia Malzahn shares her God-inspired principles for living a balanced and successful life. In Devotions for Working Women, Marcia walks you through these principles in a clear concise format that takes just minutes per day.

Regina’s insights: I know Marcia personally and I can vouch for the fact that Marcia leads a successful and balanced life. She personally puts these principles into action and you can too! For more information on Marcia, visit www.marciamalzahn.com.

Face_to_FaceFace to Face: How to Reclaim the Personal Touch in a Digital World by The Mingling Maven®, Susan RoAne.

E-mail, texting, BlackBerry, MySpace: more and more, technology dominates our communication. We are often tuning out those around us – to the point of e-mailing the person at the next desk or surreptitiously checking our BlackBerry’s during a meeting. Whether it’s handling office politics, turning small talk into BIG TALk, finding a mentor, or conducting successful business deals over meals, Susan RoAne offers practical tips to interact and connect with comfort and confidence in shared social space.

Regina’s insights: I have participated in Susan’s networking presentation and still use the networking nuggets that she shared. This is a must read for anyone that wants to build relationships in an increasingly digital world. For more information on Susan, visit www.susanroane.com.

Lipstick. Laptops. Life.: The Rise And Fall, And Rise Again, Of A Modern Day Business Woman by Angela O’Mara.

Poignant, wise and witty, Lipstick. Laptops. Life., tells the tale of Angela’s determination to bring her company and herself back to the top, after finding herself at the helm of a sinking ship during the worst global economic recession in history. On her journey, she calls on parts of herself that were lost along the way. Through this self-realization, she uncovers seven modern-day feminine business archetypes that guide her down her new road to success.

Regina’s insights: Angela participated in the Women at the Top™ virtual leadership conference, Amplify Your Success where she discussed the seven steps to help you keep your day on track. If you are struggling to hang on during today’s challenging business environment, then this book is for you. For more information on Angela, visit www.theprofessionalimage.com.

No Glass Ceiling, Just Blue Sky: A Women’s Guide to Building Great Teams by Marcy Blochowiak.

Get ready to learn the secrets of success. This inspirational book is about daring to reach your life goals. Marcy Blochowiak shares her story about leaving a secure job as a flight attendant to become a successful entrepreneur and business leader.

Regina’s insights: this book comes with an amazing, inspirational DVD. I personally gave this book as a gift to my board of directors when serving as president of an international non-profit organization. This book will inspire you to aim high and think big! For more information on Marcy, visit www.marcyblochowiak.com.  

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